Goal A - Inclusivity

Let’s work together to make the Waypoint community an inclusive, fun, and safe place to talk about games and other things. Waypoint is focused on “why we play,” and that’s the common interest that brought us all here.

Rule 1: Regarding Speech

Bigotry, including but not limited to discrimination or hate speech based on race, gender, sexuality, religion, disability, or any other attacks on one’s personhood, will not be tolerated.

Rule 2: Regarding Harassment

Threatening behaviour or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Our community and its platforms are not to be used to launch attacks on others.

Rule 3: Regarding Perspective

Be sensitive to the fact that there are myriad different backgrounds on this Forum. Read a conversation and consider whether it needs your perspective or whether you’d gain more by listening. Conversely, if you feel someone is out of their lane, please raise the issue with a moderator via the flag function. Don’t assume everyone is like you, especially if you grew up or live in the global West, are White, Cis, Able-Bodied, Neurotypical, Financially Secure, or any combination therein. If you don’t know about a topic, research it.

Rule 4: Regarding Concerns

Reach out to the Moderation Team with any concerns, don’t DM or @ other Waypoint staff. There are appropriate channels to pitch your work. Feedback should go to waypoint at vice dot com. The moderator team is made up of community volunteers. They are not employed by and have no formal affiliation with VICE or its properties. They do not have input or control over the site’s content or discuss editorial choices with the staff. They are not representatives of VICE, Waypoint Radio, or Motherboard.

Goal B - Community Respect

Let’s work together to make this community respectful of others’ boundaries, keeping in mind that many of our members are minors, people who are sex-repulsed, people struggling with addiction, people with food sensitivities, survivors of abuse, and/or have faced other trauma that they don’t wish to relive. Please DM the Mod group if you’re unsure whether something is okay to post.

Rule 5: Regarding Use of Spoilers

Use content warnings, the spoiler tag, or the ‘Hide Details’ function when linking to or posting depictions of body horror, disease, death, sex and sexuality, substance abuse, or violence. Posting pictures of food is fine in the Food category, otherwise use spoiler tags and provide a CW. Don’t post links to pornographic material.

Rule 6: Regarding Appropriate Conversation

Don’t joke about any of the topics listed in Rule 5. Don’t make lewd jokes, daddy jokes, kinkshame, or post about being intoxicated. Don’t punch down. Just because a staff member makes a joke on a podcast or on social media does not mean that it’s appropriate for this Forum.

Goal C - Give Creators Their Due

Let’s work together to give creators their due and let’s remember that the games community is small, creation is hard, and we should treat others and their labor with respect.

Rule 7: Regarding Pirated Materials

Don’t post pirated materials or links to pirated materials. It is fine to talk about emulation (and similar topics) or discuss media with limited access that might be obtained through such means, but linking to ROM sites, detailing specific processes and generally enabling pirating is not. This includes suggesting that you have pirated materials which you can distribute.

Rule 8: Regarding Self-Promotion

If you’re a creator, share your work in The Workshop . We love seeing your stuff, but we ask that you don’t make posts about your work your first and/or only posts. Please make an effort to be a member of the community and not someone only interested in self-promotion.

Rule 9: Regarding Sharing of Creator Works

When posting someone else’s work (art, cosplay, and so on), please do your best to source it and provide links to the creator’s social media or portfolio. If you don’t have the source, do a reverse image search to look for it.

Rule 10: Regarding Games Journalism Commentary

Remember that the games journalism community is small, our community is visible, and other personalities have been active here—treat them like you would any other user and don’t put them on the spot if you find yourself in a conversation with them. Their personal lives are not #content. Do not speculate on hires or personal lives of staff or personalities of this or any other site (and extend this courtesy to public figures in general); remember, this is a person’s livelihood.

Goal D - Cultivating Complex and Delicate Discussions

Let’s work together to cultivate a place where we can discuss complex and delicate topics in good faith while considering other perspectives when we disagree.

Rule 11: Regarding Conversation and Discussion

Be thoughtful and conscientious of other people’s time. Respect and support other people’s interests, even if you might not share them. Don’t make blanket statements or state your opinion as fact. Don’t assume others are speaking from a position of privilege. Don’t speak over others.

Rule 12: Regarding Content Warnings, Sharing Links

If you feel it’s necessary to share something questionable as part of a discussion, provide the requisite content warnings and spoilers. Don’t share bad takes from Twitter or elsewhere. Do not drop links in discussion channels without any context or follow up.

Rule 13: Regarding Disagreements

De-escalate! Work to de-escalate rather than inflame heated conversations. Be mindful of group dynamics and avoid piling on. Don’t insist on getting the last word. If a moderator asks you to end or move a conversation, do so.

Goal E - Accountability

Let’s work together to hold each other accountable and create a community that looks out for itself.

The mods are also volunteers who can’t see everything that goes on and have our own blind spots. We are here to facilitate this Forum being as close to the goals laid out as possible, and we are always open to suggestions about how to do that, or to criticism about how we may have messed up.

If you feel one of us has messed up, please contact us! Comments are shared with all the mods (and staff, when necessary) so that we can talk them over and learn from them.

The mods take our rules seriously as they are what contribute to people feeling safe. All moderator decisions are made as a team; multiple people from different backgrounds offer their perspectives on each issue, and we involve staff when necessary. Penalties include formal warnings and temporary suspensions, with scaling severity depending on the circumstances. If you continue to disregard the rules, goals, or otherwise fail to adapt, you will be banned. Disciplinary action for unprecedented events or situations not covered by our rules will vary.