06.05.19 Pokemon Sword and Shield Direct - Official Thread

Thought i’d make this thread so we could predict/react to the new Pokemon direct.

I’m thinking we get the legendaries , a look at the professor , maybe our rivals and a release date in this direct. I suspect it will be another near thanksgiving (3rd week of November) launch since it has been for awhile now.

I’m predicting some p easy stuff but i’d love to be surprised by some huge new feature. What do ya’ll think we’ll be told?

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Three way concurrent battles.

Although it feels like that style of experimentation is very DS ear pokemon. Didn’t play S/M or US/UM at all, what changes were made in those?

Hopefully they reveal the baddies as well. I wager they’re probably steampunk gangsters or something and I think that would be cool. Also I’d like to see our starters’ evolved forms, Sobble’s in particular :smiley:

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Pikachu can swear now


God, all i want are difficulty settings.

Edit: and fashion.


I feel like this might be similar to the Smash direct that happened and will just REALLY go in-depth about new mechanics, all the gritty details that people are cravin’. A montage of all/most of the new Pokemon would be amazing and fun but that’d also be A Lot.

I’m hoping the release date is surprisingly close but end of November does sound more realistic, maybe near Black Friday so there’s a nice holiday deal or something.

I’m gonna be pretty conservative and say early game routes/Pokémon, the box art legendaries, an overview of the story, and maybe one or two out wierd Pokémon. Predictions I might not bet on is a reveal of the battle gimmick for the gen, maybe some galar forms?

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Here’s my predictions:

  • They talk more about how you can put all your Pokemon in the cloud

  • They use this as an opportunity to remind everyone Pokemon Go still exists and how it fits into these two new games

  • They don’t learn from Let’s Go and fall back to doing random encounters because people got so upset about Go’s catching mechanics

  • Pokemon TCG Online is ported to Switch and they use this as an opportunity to announce it along with a tease of the card set that will come out alongside it that corresponds with Sword and Shield

  • They manage to undo the great UI improvements Go added because they feel the need to redo the entire menu UI again

  • Your Pokemon can no longer follow you outside of its ball like in Let’s Go because that’s just way too much art work that will largely go unseen by players

  • They tease the starter evolutions

  • Players can still dress up, Pokemon will be limited to a single one and there won’t be much choice

  • We find out who the big bad is for this series and a glimpse of the plot

  • You can make your own gym but you can’t share it directly with friends it’s just completely random who’s gym you download

  • Cool features that were in past games such as pokeball seals, fashion contests, and making your own promo videos will still not return because that would be too much fun

  • Some new pokemon are shown off and one is teased to be in Smash as DLC

So, this is kind of exciting for me because I’ve never really been into the Pokémon games. I loved the TV show and I liked looking at the cards, sure! But recently I’ve been putting a lot of time into Pokémon Y and have been really enjoying it. So I’m just kind of looking forward to actually caring about these Directs for once!!!


I legit am skipping this game if it goes back to random encounters. There’s no excuse anymore.

There is a rumour going around that Pokemon in the overworld is returning but it seems unclear as to whether it’s everywhere or only in some areas or what.

there’s gonna be random encounters again. there is a less than 1% chance of them not having it.

random encounters suck but it’s just the way things are and the only reason they were able to avoid them in let’s go is because they limited themsevles to 151 pokemon. the reason that every pokemon can follow you in that game is for a similar reason.

the first is an improvement and the second is neat but they put themselves in a corner early on in the franchise with the idea of introducing new regions and 100+ new pokemon per generation so the chance of them ever getting rid of random encounters again is low. it’s so much extra animation and 3d modelling work.


I would be shocked if they kept either wild Pokemon visible in the world or able to be kept out of their pokeballs. Because yeah, there will be close to a thousand Pokemon in these games and that’s a ton of animations to make. Gamefreak has always, with good reason and successfully, very carefully managed the scope of their animation work. This is one of the few areas in these games where, while I’d love to see something exciting happen, they have my full sympathy in taking the conservative approach.


they’re going to bring back random encounters and also keep the capture mechanics from Let’s Go, the absolute mad lads

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And the evolution system from Pokémon Go.

god i hope the capture mechanics are back to normal.


By biggest but also vaguest hope is that they’re actually making this one for me. It’s a selfish want for sure, but if Lets Go is the place for the younger audience, this would be a chance to make a Pokemon game that doesn’t have to straddle the line between being simple enough for kids to understand, and meaty enough for the older fans to really dig into, because the former has always compromised the latter. And again, this is selfish, there’s nothing wrong with the series continuing to be for kids. But it feels like it’s always tried to throw a bone to me, so I’d like to see it actually manage it for once.


I really don’t expect much to be carried over from Let’s Go at all since, that was a side game not a continuation of the series? so it was doing its own thing.

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I’d like to see whatever the new Pokégear tech in the game is. They’re always goofier than they have any right to be, only serve a very specific purpose, and are buried so deep in the menu they’re not really worth using. But still, I’d like to see it.

A menu redesign would be great. Pokémon item menus have always been bad.

It would also be good to know if they’re bringing in other gen Pokémon before the post game. While Black/White are my least favorite games in the series, they only had gen V Pokémon before the Elite 4. In Moon I made the choice to only use Alola Pokémon/Alolan forms and it ruled. If I recall correctly I think they’ve shown battles with Pikachu, but I can dream!

One last thing, I’d like difficulty options. Give me an in-game Nuzlocke option. It won’t happen, but at least give me some control!

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I know I’m probably just beaten down by time and whatever, but I’m okay with Pokémon having random encounters. But I also don’t play a lot of games. So the bit of time sink doesn’t hurt me as much as it does gamers who have other games to play. I also have Youkai Watch 4 coming out in two weeks and so I kind of feel like I have my smarter pokemon game already? Terrible excuse, but there it is.
They won’t let me in this game, but all I want from pokemon is to be able to super focus on one type of pokemon and become a gym leader (or even a peon in a gym). Just let me run a ghost gym and let me carry shedinja on my shoulder.

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I would love some sort of nod to competitive Pokémon battling and the introduction of a system within the game that somehow reduces the post-game grind of EV, IV, and nature breeding/training. It’s a totally baseless prediction or hope on my end but it would be so nice if this franchise acknowledged that there is a large, older player base who would love to battle online and with others but do not have the time or desire to go through the tedious training process as it currently is.