06.06.2019 Stadia Connect - Official Thread

I guess google is getting into the whole Nintendo Direct/State of Play/Inside Xbox thing.

Last time they gave us the pitch. which i’m still highly skeptical of and don’t trust it’ll work or they’ll follow through. But maybe this time we get some actual game news and not matpat.

I really don’t know what to expect but does anyone else have predictions?

Well this is a thing apparently.

Kinda wild to have the new kid on the block show up and say yes to cross-platform stuff before their service/box is even out. Meanwhile sony is still dragging their feet as always.


Telling prospective customers, “You will still be able to play with your friends” is a very smart move considering how entrenched your potential customer base is. I think they’d still manage without it, but it would be slow progress.

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Ownership issues and big data aside, it seems like a decent bargain especially if you dont need a box on top of the subscription. Looking forward to the reveal tonight, perfect timing to as I finish my break at 5pm and all the managers go home

It’s official, Google has no idea what it’s doing, it’s just another project that’s gonna either die in a few months or end up sticking around because they refuse to stop throwing money at it.

I am genuinely amazed they seem to be handling this worse that even Epic trying to force the Epic Store as the main PC gaming market.

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I’m…just not really seeing any upside to this business model. If I have to pay full price for the game anyway why do I want the version with input lag that eats up my bandwidth while I’m playing?


While this service is not that appealing looking, one answer is “you don’t have another option and you really want to play it.” However, there’s other streaming services and this Google offering is not immediately standing out among its (not as well known) competitors.

The model also seems not good but still just the bandwidth problem just can’t be solved at the moment. I can’t go like a play session of an online game without at least a few games where my connection craps out on me. And I don’t live in the middle of nowhere, I live in a city of close to 400k people. It just can’t be solved atm haha.

Convoluted indeed. Weird business model aside, my main concern still is infrastructure/bandwidth related. I just think they’re really overestimating the quality of internet most people have access to. Also have they said anything yet about how games will be selected for the platform and what the pay structure for devs will be?

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Spectrum/TWC dies on me on the regular. I’m interested in stadia as something that may push other companies to try it out, but as an actual service I’m 100% out. I know that even digital downloads have their flaws in terms of ownership, but I can still play Marvel vs Capcom 2 on my xbox 360 even if I can’t delete it. With Stadia even something as shotty as that won’t work.
Edit: This has nothing to do with the service, but I turned the youtube stream of the announcement on and it crapped out on me. Which is just. . .exactly what I expect to happen to me when the service launches for real
double edit: okay. I can’t watch the stream longer than thirty five seconds.


What the fuck even was that Baldur’s Gate 3 teaser?


I could see it if it were $10 a month for access to the entire library, but $10 just to access the service at 4k60 quality, and then paying for games individually (or another monthly subscription for the library access) that you don’t have local copies of, seems like a bad value.

Cheaper than a whole new console or PC in the short term, I guess.

I just don’t get it. Why would you pay a subscription fee and for individual games? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Is there any compelling reason to choose this over a console? I’m not trying to overly negative, I’m just struggling to imagine a use case for this. I’m usually the first to check out something new from Google, but absolutely nothing about this excites me.

There’s a game that’s PC only, you just have a Macbook from 2012 or a Chromebook or w/e, you really want to play it. Well now you can stream it.

This is a market that exists - I am in it. Is it exciting? No, but, it’s a thing I can use. Idk if Stadia is gonna be awesome, still not really convinced by the model, but streaming a game and paying a subscription for it is something some people will go for if they really want to play something.

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I suppose if you really want 4k over 1080p and surround sound, but at that point I imagine you own a beefy PC or a console

Personally I don’t even have a 4k screen. I wonder how many people have 4k and a good system but not a beefy PC?

Me neither so the free option is technically for me… but i’d rather own my games, even if its digitally and ran locally.

Yeah I’m still not too sure how exactly this is supposed to work. They said signing up for the Pro subscription gets you “regular content that we add to your library”, so I’m thinking that means you’ll have automatic access to some games? Kinda like a PS Now or Xbox Game Pass thing maybe?

They also said you can go with the free ‘Stadia Base’ version and buy the games you want, but I’m assuming you’ll still have to buy some games if you go with Pro subscription.