10 Years After Release, Edmund McMillen Can't Stop Working on 'Binding of Isaac'

In early 2017, Edmund McMillen was on the verge of releasing a new update for The Binding of Isaac, the designer's weird and gross Zelda-inspired roguelike loosely inspired by the upsetting religious experiences of his upbringing. What started as an experiment became an unexpected hit, and over time, took its toll. He wanted to move on. Back then, McMillen told me this was an effort to "close the book on [Isaac]." That was over four years ago, and last week, McMillen released a new update, Repentance, for The Binding of Isaac.Β 

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I think it’s hard to talk about binding of Isaac these days without talking about the issues with Tyrone of Nicalis and how Edmund seems to be cool with him again.

Tyrone has instances of racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, and general abuse towards his workers.