100 Button Game Jam

Have you ever wanted to make a game, any game, for a controller that has one hundred arcade buttons? You probably hadn’t even thought that someone would make something like this but they have, and they are my friend.


This beautiful monstrosity, the 1000 Button Project (obviously a work in progress) has been shown at Bit Bash Chicago and several events around the Kentucky area and is currently being used to play a custom-made two-player fighting game where each player has 49 buttons at their disposal. Each button does a different move and buttons also have a chance to change the color palette, graphics style (through many filters) or drop obstacles. It is absolute madness that somehow also feels legitimately competitive to play as you scramble to quickly find the right buttons.

I believe that there are a lot of other great game ideas out there for these buttons, so I asked my friend if they would be interested in hosting a jam and then playing all the games on a livestream. The jam is up and it’s going for 27 more days, so hopefully plenty of time. Unity framework is being provided to create the games.

We also may ask to have your game become part of the traveling selection of games on the board, like a type of minigame collection, if we have your permission.


This is amazing and if I had the funds right now I would be clamoring to make my own. Can’t wait to see what comes out of this game jam!

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I played that fighting game. Can you actually figure out a strategy to it, or is it all luck?

Either way, I’m excited to see what folks make!

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The buttons are randomized each time, so it is basically down to who finds the best set of skills first. It’s meant to throw players into the experience of playing a fighting game for the first time and scrambling for useful buttons and combos :slight_smile: