100% on The Discourse Zone, and What To Do Now

So to my surprise, I just earned the “Aficionado” badge. It’s no big deal, I’m super cool and fun so this kind of stuff happens all the time B^) If you wanna be like me HEY Here’s some Pro Tips for you new players looking to tussle with the big kids: don’t be an anti-gamer. Anti-gamerism is majorly shunned in the Zone, and there’s a zero-tolerance policy for it. You will get smacked with a ban before you can call home and you’ll have to go back to the GameFAQs forums or fill out an appeal form and mail it to the AOL headquarters. #LegalizeGames. NO CUSSING, either. You won’t get banned, but everyone will lose respect for you permanently and won’t let you in on the cool Mario secrets. You can say “dang” and “butt” though. Most of all, stay humble. We all think we’re top dawgs sometimes before you get schooled on the nuances of dialectical materialism and the best cheat codes in Perfect Dark

All that being said, I think discourse.zone needs to step up the late game. Now that I’m at Max Level without becoming a mod or getting hired, I need some more late game content to keep me engaged as a member. I think some dope new challenge badges would keep me in.

Here are some ideas:

Derailroad Tycoon: Accidentally go off on a complex philosophical tangent

Writer’s Block: Write an obscenely long post while you could be doing something more productive

Necromancer: Post in an old thread that everyone forgot about with your hot takes

Animal Lover: Admire a very good animal friend, very good!

Number One Fan: Sing the praises of a game no one else played

Barthes’ Nightmare for the Sega Genesis: Remind everyone that the creator of that thing is a bad person, ugh, you’re right

Arkane Arts: Lament the death of the immersive sim

Queerer Things Yet To Come: Advocate for a queer artist or their art

FromSoft Rains Will Come: Propose a really cool Soulslike that will never get made

Head Editor: Edit the same post three or more times to add more nuance to your argument

You Will (Not) Be Understood: Reference an obscure anime or manga

The Usual Suspects: Talk about cyberpunk, mechs, and hard sci-fi

Scratch That Itch: Post an itch.io link to a neat game

Outta Cite: Make a direct reference to academic literature

Sesquipedalian: Use a really long word, like, way too long

Naomi Kleimbing the Ranks: Critique capitalism for the first time
Austin Rift-Walker: Critique capitalism ten times
Karl Marxman: Critique capitalism twenty-five times

Nevermind: Write over 2,000 words and then decide not to post it

Punishment: Make a slew of puns, and get banned for it, nerd

I am going to be the queen god dang it. Nothing can stop my meteoric ascent but my own hubris.


Master of Disguise: Change your avatar so many times that no one ever catches on that you are the same person

I’ve Fixed Gaming: Make 5 posts about how you would fix the gaming industry

Backseat Developer: Make 5 posts about how a game would have been much better if only they would have fixed that one thing

On point: Make a post that only contains a link to Twitter that sums up the thing being discussed

Bioshocked: Make a post that starts off with the reader nodding along only to derail into a “oh noooooooo”

The Jokester: Have your Jokes N’ Dokes thread stay up for a month without bumping it


You know, I was perfectly content with my Enthusiast badge for 10 visits, but knowing that there’s a badge for 100 consecutive visits is making me think my forum usage has been suboptimal. It seems that the meta strongly favors consistent daily visits rather than frequent bingeing. The ‘liking’ morality system also appears not to interact with systems that can lead to win conditions and hence can be assumed to be there only for thematic flavor. I’m now dangerously close to wanting to theorize unironically about how to improve this system, so I’m going to stop here while I can plausibly claim this post was satirical.

Oh, and it turns out there’s a level beyond Aficionado called Devotee, but no one has reached it yet because it needs 365 consecutive visits and the forum hasn’t been around that long.


I’m going to get that Devotee badge, dad gummit!!!

I set a script that that uses a razzberry pi to log on once a day via satellite to make sure I get that one day one you have to really dedicate yourself to this thing. I hear if you get them all though you get a golden ticket to go to Vice headquarters and watch people write articles about trying to talk to their parents about politics while on LSD without giving yourself away


important to appreciate the OP. dont sleep on this hellacious burn. i am now but ashes in the winds of discourse


I feel extremely attacked


I’d get mad at you for cheating but I also know that the majority of members on the Forum are just neural nets trained on Gita Jackson’s LiveJournal


CoC Hungry: Flag 100 posts that violate the forum rules

This one is a secret achievement and that’s the only one I’m giving out.


Sand-which? Went 100 days without comparing one food to another.


The Impossible: Have a username better than WeedLordVegeta


The Dark Souls of Achievements - Discuss 10 different games in a row without comparing them to Dark Souls.


wait anti-gamerism is a banning offence? heck,


Chef’s Kiss - Make a pun-related achievement called “punishment”

Too Many Cooks - Let everyone on the forum know you hold no claim to the achievement name “Chef’s Kiss” you merely intended to pay OP a compliment while keeping within the format of the thread for comedic purposes.


Sandwitch - Resurrect 3 dead food threads


Mutt’s Good, Internet
Post 365 drawings of dogs.


Wheypoint: Win a weightlifting competition and make a thread with the confirmation pic attached


This thread is genius and made my day.

Waypoint Colonizer: Expand the reach by making a Waypoint.com redirect

Not Another Peep Out of You!: Pick the losing side in a food-related debate

Not Good or Good at It: Get a post flagged, get a thread locked, and get banned. Shame on you!


Self-Fulfilling Necropostacy A Big No No* - Revive a dead post-your-original-work thread ostensibly to compliment someone else, then post your own material on it the next day.

In case anyone is worried, I am only calling out myself

*Credit @just_benj

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Doing the Impossible: For an entire month only post happy positive things while also posting at least once per day.