120 Games, 1 Goal - Pile of Shame: 0

This is definitely an admirable goal. I am in a similar boat (25, just graduated and started working full-time, trying to save for a house), but I absolutely do not have the willpower to hold off and not buy all the new games that I’m pumped for. I usually do end up playing all of those (I’ve finished Nier, I’m close to being done with Zelda, for now, and I’m right towards the end of Persona 5), my problem is more with games that I pick up on sales (generally PSN) because they’re games I’m interested in but never got around to picking up before. Luckily for me, there aren’t any new games I’m too interested in until July, so once I’ve finished Persona I’m planning to tackle my backlog over the next couple months…

I’m pretty sure the “you” in this situation is actually “me”…

Though I suspect I’ve just a few more than 120…

AS a FELLOW AUSTRALIAN, allow me to offer you my best wishes and support!

I tried this once and, uh, it didn’t go well.

Good luck.

@lokihellfire2008 Thanks dude! Yeah we’ll definitely see with some of these games, if it turns out they just aren’t for me I’m not going to force it. I like the Youtube idea actually, might end up doing something along those lines in the future - even just a 5 minute clip from PS4 share etc could work there. Hopefully my weekly posts will keep me in check! And yes, Humble Bundle is certainly a large contributing factor for getting me in this mess in the first place haha xD

@Lassemomme Thank you! I’m gonna need it :smiley:

@rosscampk Thanks! To be fair, especially in the last few years, game devs have been killing it with releasing fantastic games. It’s just having time to play them all that’s the issue! I do have a plan on how to break them up… well kind of, I’ll be winging it a bit as we go haha :wink:

@mosespippy I like your idea! I do have a plan at least to start with, which 9 games I’m going to tackle first :wink: you are so right though, this is gonna be a massive years-spanning thing, so I’m gonna need ways to make sure I feel like I’m getting somewhere haha. Yeah I’m kind of locking myself out of things like Switch games, but at least once I’m done I’ll have a whole library of awesome Nintendo games available to purchase and play on this sweet console by the time I get around to finishing everything!

@chasezane Oh man I totally feel you - the games on this list that come from Steam? it’s not even 50% of the entire library. I have a folder with a ton of games in it labelled “Steam Sale Games” where everything goes where I just think “why did I buy that?” haha. That is definitely a good idea though, playing through these older games with someone to talk to definitely helps keep you motivated to keep on it. Hope you enjoy them!

@McNulligan Wow we are almost a mirror haha, Zelda and Nier were the two big ones that I did actually manage to complete from this year - and if it wasn’t for Automata making me so keen to go back and experience the first Nier, I totally would have been bang in the middle of Persona 5 right now haha. Thankfully it’s been super hard to find in stores where I live, been out of stock across the board, that’s the only reason I didn’t pick it up! Good luck on knocking over some of those on your backlog, I’m sure there’s some fantastic ones just waiting for you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Trickster Mate! I thought I was the only one here! Thank you, I’m definitely going to need it! xD

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I wish I had your willpower!

I’m better than I used to these days; of the 23 games I played this year only three are from 2017. Still…

(I had to join two screenshots together, the list was that big)

A worthwhile mission! Over the past few years, I’ve purged my backlog significantly. Giving more or less an hour to games I figured probably wouldn’t last much longer, and making the list more manageable in the process.*

It’s been relatively successful, so I’m down to about 40. One downside, I’ve learned, has been this:

That’s a lot of really, really good (or at least interesting) games. How am I supposed to choose what to play next? It’s bullshit. (A few caveats: Some of those are for DLC, and I have absolutely been through KotOR2. It needs a replay with the mods and fixes.)

Good luck, OP, and have fun! There are more than a few truly incredible video games on your list.

*(For reference, there’s 209 games in my Hidden folder.)

Easy, you play Crypt Of The Necrodancer.

You’re welcome!


Clearing the backlog is an admirable goal, but honestly why bother?

I’m going to offer an amnesty to everyone with a pile o’ shame. Forget about it, sweep it under the carpet, it no longer exists. Now that we’ve all cleared our backlog let’s focus on not reapeating the same mistakes and rebuilding the pile.

Gotta remove yourself from the hype machine. Whenever I look at purchasing a new game these days I ask myself one question: Do I have the time to play this tomorrow? If the answer is no, I don’t buy. In the era digital downloads we have the luxury of buying games anytime, anywhere there’s no need to spend money until you actually sit down to play something.

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Yup! After being bad at buying games, I now ask

Do I want this game?
Do I really want this game?
Do I really want this game now? Everything gets a discount 6~12 months later these days

Since January, only Nier:Automata was a “yes” to these three questions to me, and in a few weeks I’ll get FFXIV: Stormblood (the new expansion). Beyond that, I’m fine playing things I already have :stuck_out_tongue:

I know exactly your position - I recognized a trend a few years ago where I was buying games in Steam Sales far faster than I could reasonably play them. The worst feeling would be when I’d pick something up at say, half off in summer, and then see it for 75% off in winter, still unplayed in my library. So I also started tracking my backlog more closely and forcing myself to make smarter purchasing decisions, and I keep everything in a spreadsheet which helps me decide what new game to start when it’s time to do so (which can sometimes be agonizingly hard with a big backlog).

I don’t have a strict “no purchases” rule like you want to since I think that I would get bored/frustrated of the slog of old games while hearing about all the new games my friends are playing. In general I like to mix up whether I’m playing new or old games to keep things interesting. Also if you force yourself to never buy a game until you completely clear your backlog, you’re still building up a second backlog of the games you want to play but haven’t bought yet, and that can stress you out too, even if you haven’t spent any money yet! Since I’ve been playing/buying games in this manner for a few years now, I wanted to share some of my purchasing methodology, for when it comes time for you to start buying games again.

  • I only rarely allow myself to buy games for full price - usually I have to be incredibly hyped beforehand, it has to be received well, and/or my friends are playing it and I want to be able to discuss/play with them. Otherwise I wait for the first sale at earliest. Nier:A is a good example of this; it wasn’t on my radar until about 6 weeks after it’s release, so I can handle waiting a little bit longer. It’ll still be a great game when I pick it up next month.
  • During big sales, I try and limit myself to only buying a small handful of games that I know I can finish within the next 6 months, while also allowing time to make progress against my backlog. These days I’m usually pretty good about playing and finishing 80-90% of them in this timeframe, but some do slip through the cracks.
  • Usually if it’s been about 2 yrs after I added a game to my wishlist and I’ve passed on it repeatedly during sales, that’s a good indicator that I’m probably never going to play it so I can safely remove it from my wishlist. The fastest way to clearing your backlog/preventing bloat is to not buy a game in the first place!
  • I also don’t allow myself to buy sequels of games I haven’t played yet, because how I feel about a game will often influence how I feel about playing the sequel. After a few regretful purchases this is a rule I stick to.
  • Bundles can be a great value but also cause your backlog to explode if you try and play every game they include. For instance I picked up this week’s bundle for $1 because I wanted No Time To Explain, and all the other games are essentially free, so I don’t have any guilt if I never get around to playing them.

I could also write for a while about how I play games rather than just how I buy them, but I feel like alot of that stuff is very personal and harder to change. Like how much you care about side quests, higher difficulties, collectibles, achievements, or if it’s okay to just mainline a game and when you should put it down rather than powering through. Just remember that your time is valuable and the more you find yourself getting behind, the more aggressively you need to filter out games that you’re only lukewarm on.

Best of luck on your quest!

@pedroteixeira that’s quite the list! Definitely have a few crossovers with you, like Murdered: Soul Suspect - maybe when I get to them, I’ll hit you up and we can play them at the same time so we have someone to egg us on?

@Hyetal I know the feeling, I have a subsection of games in the steam library that I’ve decided to just let go, like Hitman: Absolution. pretty sure I got that game for $5, but yep, never going to play it! That is definitely an impressive list of games though, same as ped above, quite a few crossovers as well. Maybe at some point we can both make our way through Torment: Tides of Numenera for example - I’m sure that’s going to be one of those games that you just want to talk to others about!

@simontific I’ve actually gone back and forth on whether to be like this, but this group of games isn’t just a bunch of ones I want to play - I’ve bought them all at one point or another over the years because I’ve really wanted to get into them. That is definitely the plan - once I’ve caught up on knocking over what I have! That’s the reason for the no buying more games rule ;D I definitely want to be able to just pick up games and play them as I decide rather than just owning them for the sake of it, but I don’t just want to discard these games - there’s some pretty good ones (I’ve heard anyway) in there!

@Niko ha we must be 2 peas, because I’ve done the exact same thing - spreadsheets to keep track of what to play, where they are, how long to beat figures, platform etc haha. Those are some pretty good points to stand by - hopefully once I’m done with all these, I can stick to them! I know I’d probably be the same with the “no purchases” thing if I’d just decided on my own, but hopefully by posting about it I can be stubborn enough to stick to it haha. I have such a variety of games on this list, from quite old titles like the original Thief to acclaimed recent releases like The Witcher 3, which I’m hoping will keep things fresh for me. Fingers crossed it works!

So I don’t want to clog up the forums with posts all from me, so for my first Sunday night check in I’l just post it here as a comment. I’ve posted it on my website here, but here’s the full update:

Shamelog #000 - It Begins / Loren’s Challenge

And here we are. 120 games. Phew. This is gonna take a while.

To actually manage to achieve this, I’m going to need to break things down into smaller goals. Thankfully, I already have a place to start with that. A few months back, my girlfriend Loren issued me with a proposition - finish all the games she has bought me by the end of 2017. Thinking I probably couldn’t do it, she set the stakes: if I accomplished this, she would create some kind of trophy to commemorate such a goal.

A little background - my girlfriend Loren and I have been together for nearly 7 years now, and in that time she has been the catalyst for where I stand now with gaming. Prior to being with her, I enjoyed games, sure, but to be honest, I struggled with that. “Games are for children”, “games are a waste of time.” Being with this wonderful lady has helped me accept me, and in turn made me the happiest I’ve been in my life. Over the years, she has given me a number of the consoles I own today for Christmas / birthday presents - along with a healthy collection of games to play on them. Me being me, I’d started by playing some, but before getting on to the rest, I was distracted by the new shiny things. There are still 9 games sitting in this pile of mine of which came from her:

  • Far Cry 3

  • Assassins Creed 3

  • Watch_Dogs

  • Wolfenstein: The New Order

  • Until Dawn

  • Kirby & The Rainbow Paintbrush

  • Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D

  • Code Name STEAM

  • The Witcher 3

Turns out, I like a challenge.

The other night, we lay down some officially agreed upon rules for this endeavour:

  1. All games must be completed by 11:59pm on December 31st, 2017.

  2. Loren reserves the right to gift me games for special occasions if she so chooses, such as birthday and Christmas, which will be included in this challenge.

  3. She may not add anything new to the list 24 hours or less before the deadline.

  4. If I simply can’t make it to the end of a game and want to give up on it, I can, but I must do two things - 1, completely destroy the disk/cartridge while she films it, and 2, two more games from my pile will be added to this list at Loren’s choosing.

So that’s that. The coming weeks and months of my gaming time will be consumed by these nine titles. Wish me luck.


Games left to play: 120

Current game: Far Cry 3

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Harsh, but fair. Far Cry 3’s “story” is pretty easy to just speed on through, but good luck with Assassin’s Creed 3. It might’ve only taken me a few dozen hours to finish, but ultimately I think it took a year off my life. ‘Drudgery’ doesn’t quite do it justice.

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Ha yeah, we had to make sure we had some sort of penalty in this particular case, there’s higher stakes on the line! I’m pretty sure I’ll be right with most of them, though yeah AC3 and Code Name STEAM are gonna be the wild cards I think. I dug the Ezio games well enough, so fingers crossed I’ll get through it ok haha. I’m a weirdo who actually likes the modern day storyline, so that’ll hopefully keep me going.

So I kind of have mixed feelings about all of this. Clearly you should do exactly what you want, it’s your life, your time, and I in no way mean to criticize your decisions. If anything, I think this is a super cool experiment.

That being said, maybe it’s because I’m getting older and have more money than time in my life, but I feel that video games are supposed to be fun. To make us happy or thoughtful. The idea of completing a game simply because you feel guilty about not having finished it, or want to get your money’s worth, or whatever, seems to sort of defeat the purpose of playing games. Of course, if you enjoy every bit of all of those games, good on you.


That is the plan man, trust me! Every single one of the games on this list isn’t just because I own them - it’s because I really do want to play them. It’s actually culled down from a much larger list - I’ve got a ton of 360 era and older games sitting in boxes because I’ve decided they just aren’t my jam (gears of war series, for example) and a section of my steam library with a ton of games I know I don’t ever really want to play that ended up in there from bundles, sales etc. definitely don’t want to hate play games - all these are just ones I really want to at least check out, and want to make myself do so before buying any new ones haha.

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I thought about leaving a snarky comment, but as a fellow Chris and someone who also has a sizable backlog I thought better of it. I sincerely wish you the best of luck in your endeavor. I don’t envy you.

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Us Chris’ gotta stick together you know :stuck_out_tongue: thanks man, definitely gonna need it haha

Yo that’s intense! The whole destroying the game while she films it is a weird angle haha

It’s a nebulous beast. Depends mostly on what your threshold for frustration is. Far Cry 2 revels in, and excels at, disadvantaging you. Where other games prefer ensuring your comfort, FC2’s uncaring and bleak world would rather you accept that you were never comfortable–reality isn’t comfortable.

… It’s still a video game, so you’re going to end up more powerful by the end, but if that sounds interesting, the first 8 or so hours will be somewhat revelatory. Mechnically, the action has a nice punch to it, and you’ll want to keep fire-causing weapons stocked at all times. The soundscape is great, and for a country being torn asunder by civil war (and for a game almost 10 years old), I’d say it looks pretty damn good.

(from the internet)

@lokihellfire2008 ha yeah, well we needed to up the stakes somehow :stuck_out_tongue: given that these weren’t just games I’d wasted my own money on and were gifts, I needed to make sure I gave them special consideration :stuck_out_tongue:

@Hyetal hmmm interesting! given how much I ended up digging 3 then, I’m going to put this down as something to look into once I’m all done with this 120 games. That screenshot is actually quite astounding - is that PC, unmodded?