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There are certain characters in The Witcher 3 whose stories become a lot more compelling if you have played through the other two games. I think The Witcher 2 does allow you to import your save from the first game, but it merely changes a few lines of dialogue from memory.

The Witcher games may be a trilogy, but they certainly weren’t written as such. Unlike Mass Effect where each game continues the story on from the last, the Witcher games all tell their own, relatively self contained story with a few hints of what’s to come.

Not that I can speak from experience, I played them in release order. Although I have now started to read the books and I am probably enjoying them more now than I would have if I were to have read them before playing the games.


i don’t have any experience with the witcher series myself, but my friend tried to get into the first & second games, bounced off them hard, then played the witcher 3 and had a really great time. her experience wasn’t dampened by not fully playing the other ones at all. it seems like a completely different experience from mass effect (which i have played)

best of luck no matter what you choose to do! i’m interested to see your thoughts


All “Witcher” games are on your list, so what are we even discussing here? Play them all, play them in order (especially since you care about that sort of thing), they all are still good.

And if you have any spare time, books are good, too.



Alright, a compromise. I’m going to give the first Witcher a fair go, and if it isn’t working for me by the time Sunday night rolls around, I’m moving on. I think that’s the best way to know for sure, one way or the other.


I think you’re going to realise pretty early if it’s for you or not. The combat is very simplistic and rhythm based and while I loved it I can understand that it’s not going to appeal to everyone. Like the storytelling and world building is still there but it’s so limited compared to what it would become that it feels a lot older than it actually is.

In saying that I hope you end up loving it!


Shamelog #024 - Witchers Work

The indecision to play The Witcher 3 with or without playing 1 & 2 first has plagued me for months, but I finally landed on a decision - give the first game a go, and if I couldn’t get it to stick by this post, abandon it and move on.

Turns out, The first Witcher game is excellent.

I’m deep into the second of five acts, and I’m enthralled. There’s a certain air of seeing through the seems going on, for sure - clunk abounds, the voice work is just scraping by, even the writing has it’s ups and downs - yet, this world evokes… something that piques my curiosity. I don’t know what it is, but I’m keen to keep playing to find out.

While all this was happening, I was keenly aware of what date this week included - the 27th October, 2017. Assassin’s Creed Origins, Wolfenstein 2, and most importantly… Super Mario Odyssey. I have to admit, this one was hard. When I set out with the goal of Pile of Shame: 0, I set a major stipulation - no buying games to play. I’ve stuck to my word there - I have made some purchases for collectors reasons, with no real intentions to play (a story for another time) - but all in all, nothing that I’ve wanted to buy so badly has come to be. I know they will always be there, for a cheaper price, with all the bug fixes, when I’m ready for them. I may not even see some games, due to their ephemeral nature (looking at you Destiny 2) but I’ve made peace with moving passed that.

Assassins Creed, well, I have a bunch more entries to play first. Wolfenstein, I know will be $5 by hte time I get around to playing it. But Mario… there’s something about Nintendo’s biggest franchises that just have that special je ne sais quoi, you know? Seeing all the trailers, all the hype, all the reviews, all the screenshots, the gifs, the videos… much like Breath of the Wild, this was an event. This was something special, something I did not want to miss. But! Still, I stuck to word. I avoided every shop that sells games like the plague on Friday afternoon, with the knowledge that The Witcher was waiting for me at home.

So when Loren came home on Saturday afternoon, leaned over the couch next to me and surprised me with Super Mario Odyssey along with accompanying 3 pack of amiibo in her hands, I was speechless.

Needless to say, this weekend has seen the use of my Switch spike considerably. There’s plenty of words online for you to read about that game, and that isn’t the point of this project, so I’ll just leave you with this - y’all, Super Mario Odyssey is so fricken good!

The coming weeks are going to see me travelling around quite a bit, so the plan at this stage is to alternate between The Witcher and Super Mario Odyssey. Weirdly enough, they actually compliment each other perfectly - a hardcore heavy RPG on the PC, with a lighthearted warm hug on the couch / on the go. This is going to be a fantastic couple of weeks.

Also, honestly am thinking about relaxing my big rule just a little. Maybe adjust it to “only allowed to purchase and play up to 3 games a year” or something along those lines? Will have to think on that.

Games left to play: 114
Current game: The Witcher, Super Mario Odyssey


Odyssey is indeed fantastic and I’m glad you have an out to play it.

And you’ve made it past the dreary, plodding, first act of The Witcher and are on to the part of that game that I fell in love with, good job. I hope you continue to enjoy the rest of what that world has to offer, because it’s a heck of a series.


Another uneventful month (I don’t think anything would change in a couple of days). Well, uneventful in a gaming department. Nothing interesting happened. *hides “Pocket Camp” behind his back* Nothing! But, just in case, if they would ask, I live in Australia.

It is! There are bad parts there, of course, but even today it holds up pretty well, in my opinion. And it is also pretty good introduction to the setting and characters if you didn’t read books.

Thinking about something like this myself. I still have two months to go, but I don’t think that not buying new games at all helped me that much. I still don’t want any new and upcoming AAA games, but there is a dozen or so indie titles that I have in my wishlist for upcoming Steam Winter Sale (I would count it as start of next year, because it will go into January, so technically I don’t break my rule). So, maybe one or two new indie games per month, with some wiggle room for big-ish AAA here and there, is a better rule for me. Not sure, gonna think about it some more.

And now I need to go and help that eagle. That eagle needs me!


@Supa_Kappa I reckon I’ve played that tutorial at least 4 times which really was bland, but the Outskirts I weirdly found to be compelling? Not sure why, but the area really got me into the idea of doing the detective work to figure out what was going on, as well as introducing the idea of interweaving side character and main plot arcs. If it’s only up from there, super looking forward to where we go from here! I think I’m about halfway through the portion in the city and am just coming back from exploring the swamp (man Gramps made me uncomfortable! D: )

@onsamyj haha good job on the pickup of a certain mobile title :wink: not really my cup of tea that series, but I’m glad it’s turning out to be a pretty decent game in it’s right! And yeah, being someone who follows games so closely, it’s hard to just watch everything go by while playing older stuff. I feel like I’m already building a mental list of games to play once I’m through these ones, which is not doing me much good. As most things, a balance of the 2 extremes is probably warranted!


I feel you on Mario. It’s been so long since we’ve gotten a Mario entry that takes cues from the Mario 64 school of thought. It’s an absolute joy so far and I don’t blame you for breaking the rules to play it.


A while ago I decided to bite the bullet on clearing up my steam backlog, and in order to not be paralyzed by indecisiveness I decided to do it in alphabetical order. The ground rules I set up were basically this:

  1. A to Z
  2. Any game I got for free didn’t count (forum giveaways, humble bundle extras, random crap Steam hands out, etc)
  3. Any game I beat on another platform didn’t count
  4. Any game that is predominantly online and no longer has a community doesn’t count
  5. The moment I no longer enjoy it after a fair shake, I move on.

My steam backlog isn’t terrible, but unfortunately it was incredibly front loaded. I beat about 10 games in a row before running into the middle of C where I seriously stalled. I got half way through Company of Heroes before I stopped enjoying it, which leads directly into Company of Heroes 2. After moving past those I walked straight into Darksiders 2 which is fun but way too long, and from there I was staring down the barrel at Divinity Original Sin, which is now about five different games with multiple versions and the previous other games they gave away.

I’m sort of back on the train now, I’ve given up on finishing Darksiders because while I enjoyed it I just don’t see an end in sight and I’m just going through the motions, and I’ve managed to dodge the Divinity bullet by purchasing Danganronpa in the meantime.


This is what I’m doing. I have a really strict gaming budget of $120 per year, but since I’m so intent on clearing out my backlog I’m not spending anywhere near that amount anyway.

But playing games is supposed to be fun, right? And when I went all in on not buying anything, it turned into more of a chore. Now I always have that option of picking something new up if nothing in my pile (consisting of a measly 50 games) grabs me.


I wish I had your resolve, but I like keeping up with the new hot releases too much as I enjoy being part of that conversation.


@CrimsonBehelit I thought about going the alphabetical route, but definitely thought I’d run into that type of issue. So far I’ve found keeping things fresh has been key - swapping between genres and game length in particular. Even doing Watch_Dogs and Assassins Creed 3 was a bit much Ubi-formula at once for me, but then playing a nice long JRPG in Tales of Berseria with a few other games mixed in kind of reset my brain enough to relatively enjoy Far Cry Primal. I know I would’ve given up if I was trying to get through all the AC games one after another! As long as you’re enjoying yourself, that’s what’s important - a major problem I’ve already had to avoid is the feeling of it being a chore, as @Ikon pointed out.

@Ikon speaking of, that might actually be the way to go - a $X budget amount. That allows a bit of freedom with choosing to go maybe a couple small indies vs big AAA productions, or games on sale vs shiny new expensive ones. Plus, managing amount of dollars across purchases is fun in itself in a weird way.

@TheJames gotta say man, it is hard. Being someone who uses RSS feeds to keep up with the latest gaming websites, follows basically all of gaming twitter, with 95% of YouTube subs being game related and listens to over a dozen podcasts each week, it is crazy hard to avoid the influence of what the industry is currently focused on. I’ve mostly been just letting a few weeks pass post release to let the hype wash by, which has definitely help me realize I don’t need a lot of these things RIGHT NOW. Shadow of War, Destiny 2 and Hellblade have definitely been like this with me - during the week of release I’m swept up in the fervor, but with a bit of time and distance I’ve realized I can come back to them later and it’ll be OK. I played Shadow of Mordor last Christmas and OG Destiny a year later, and both experiences were better for it (DLC wrapped into the game, bugs ironed out etc) and I’ve never even played a Ninja Theory game before. For real though, I’m just so weak when it comes to Nintendo.


@Lawnch Tell you what, though: I’m doing this both to clear my backlog and to keep my expenses down and it’s entirely possible to go below budget and still completely screw all backlog progress. I’m particularly cautious around PSN sales, because they’d potentially allow me to get something like 12 new games I have some interest in per year, but my gaming time in a year is enough to beat something like 20 games if I’m lucky. And at that pace I’d never be done! :slight_smile:

The current Halloween sale got me Witcher 3 and Divinity OS for example, and even if I’m playing and really enjoying both, they’ve halted my progress by a couple of months at least! Atleast this means I’ve made it past the whole new game hype thing. Now I just need to stop being a sucker for low prices :wink:


Oh, and because I think all of this stuff is so much fun:

What are you using to keep track of your progress?


As I said before up there somewhere, I do it wrong (I put games I finished, not games I want to finish), but I use Backloggery. It’s very manual (can’t scan your Steam/PSN/Live accounts or anything), but it’s pretty good anyway. And since it’s manual, you can add anything, from old console gamess, to mobile games. I even added “Duolingo” there – if it has achievements, it is a game! :­)


Damn, don’t remind me about Duolingo. I dropped it about halfway through the Japanese courses… I really ought to go back to it :smile:

I find that backloggery is pretty lacking in terms of summaries and some other stuff. But I haven’t found a proper solution for that outside of doing everything in Excel.


Well, Backloggery is glorified spreadsheet, I just don’t want anything more. I don’t care about cover art, I don’t want to write reviews there, nothing like that.

Even if there is a better version, I’m switching only if there is a way to import, or there needs to be very cool feature of some kind. Like, very cool. Otherwise, I’m not doing all that work manually again! >:­)

You can try alternatives. Some I tried work from their own databases, which is a problem.


@Ikon I’ve always struggled with this, even going so far as to learn to code just to make an iOS/Android app to keep track of them, but in the end it’s been an amalgamation of a few things keeping me on track: I have a google spreadsheet to keep track of my entire collection, I sort my physical games on the bookshelf and my Steam/PS digital libraries into folders, and honestly the best thing is probably this thread. Going up and editing the original post to put a strike through a game I’ve finished feels insanely good. I don’t know if there’s really a good one size fits all solution unfortunately, there’s nothing out there that intersects with convenience, usefulness and expansiveness well enough. Things like backloggery are ok as @onsamyj mentioned, but you have to be real dedicated to make it work.