13 Sentinels, Vanillaware's mech game, is alive and coming West!


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So this game got announced at TGS 2015 and has been MIA since. It resurfaced today with a localization announcement! Vanillaware has made some bangers such as Odin Sphere, GrimGrimoire, and Muramasa. This game looks like a pretty huge departure from their usual fantasy settings which is super exciting. Mech design looks more walking tank than super robot. Its color palette appears to be a lot more desaturated than their past games too.

What’s your take on it and what are you hoping for out of the game? Personally I’m always excited for another game from this studio. I’ve liked the majority of their games with the exception being Dragon’s Crown which I could never really get into for a few different reasons. Definitely think Dragon’s Crown went a bit too over the top on some of its character designs so this more restrained look is working for me.



I really thought this game was dead.



2 things we can confirm. Side scrolling action that is smooth as hell & super crisp art. Best guess it a world with mechs and it is too close to urban society.


Art for the game is on the E3 badge this year.

Guess we’re gonna learn more about it next week.


I feel like the first video we see of this will be %90 jiggle physics and I’ll wonder why I ever thought it would be anything else


I feel like the only female character shown in the game right now would have more exaggerated features if that was the case.

Unless you’re saying the mechs are gonna have giant jiggly boobs.

In which case, Vanillaware might need to have a little chat with the Principal in their office.


It just feels too classy… Like I’m being setup for a fall. Puts on tinfoil hat


I honestly wouldn’t fault anyone for feeling a bit cynical about Vanillaware in that department. The “jiggly” nature of their designs vary in severity from game to game but Dragon’s Crown was their most recent effort and that one is…yikes.

This one does, from the little we’ve seen, look more restrained across the board at least. We really have seen nothing of it yet though so gonna reserve most of my judgement for now. I’m hopeful though!


So far the only “titillating” thing from this is a bit of skin

So far the subject matter is pretty modern and if there is anything that is “jiggly” will probably subtle. However, Vanillaware like it stories to be more subtle than it outfits.


That just tells me that in a dramatic moment someone will reveal that there mech tattoo is in an inconvenient place


Don’t care how jiggly it gets, where’s the food?


Syz asking the important questions.

Vanillaware food is unmatched.


The only jiggle I need from Vanillaware is food jiggle if I’m being honest.


Omg, since the setting is all modern we’ll have so many food variety.


i’m pretty into the Vanillaware style of combat and RPG hybrid. Dragon’s Crown ended up being one of my favorite games in the genre thanks to a lot of environmental interactions, and I’m enjoying the Odin Sphere remaster, which I need to get back into. It seems like they’ve slowly taken all the best bits of those Capcom arcade beat em ups, which are some of my all time favorites. The new sci-fi theme is something i’m really into as well, as I kind of prefer it to fantasy stuff.

One thing i do hope they do is move away from padding out their games with tedious repetitive bullshit. They always feel like good 10-15 hour RPGs that have been somehow stretched to 30 hours. I know they’ve got to make the most out of their expensive artwork but it really doesn’t do a service to the game or its pacing.

I didn’t really mind the character designs in Dragon’s Crown, mostly because everything was so obscenely exaggerated, which is something I’m really into in general. It also fit into the whole Frank Frazetta meets anime bullshit vibe the whole game gave off. I can understand why it put people off tho. What bothered me way more were some of the NPCs that showed up and the gross splayed out poses they had and the way you could use the cursor to click on various parts of them. That really was absolutely uncomfortable.

@Devour oh heck yeah. this and yakuza 6? seems like a good time to be a fan of action RPGs


This looks absolutely fascinating, really up for seeing how this actually plays.

And I dig the HELL out of the Zone of the Enders 2 vibe in that theme tune.


This made me realize I’ve secretly wanted an anime mechwarrior game all this time.

This as a 2D action game might still satiate my desires, though!


From what I kinda tell the characters turn into mechs?


A bit disappointed that this is essentially the same footage we saw in the original TGS 2015 trailer but w/e. Glad to see it in English and still excited to see what the heck this game is.