15 Hours, 'Sekiro' ___________

Patrick’s article inspired this joke format.

15 Hours, ‘Sekiro’ wants me to name the cousins who I spend every Christmas with.
15 Hours, ‘Sekiro’ asks me to reevaluate my fond memories of the TV show Home Improvement.
15 Hours, ‘Sekiro’ makes me consider how my life would be different if I changed my major.
15 Hours, ‘Sekiro’ says I must enjoy my job, since I’ve worked there for so long
15 Hours, ‘Sekiro’ makes me wonder if my dog actually needed to be put down. Maybe if I just waited a bit to take her to the vet, she would have snapped out of it on her own.
15 Hours, ‘Sekiro’ asks me to consider if younger me’s shitty political views damaged friends who later came out as LGBT.

All of these are light novel titles and it’s kind of great

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15 hours in, ‘Sekiro’ started to show interest in me. ‘Sekiro’ and I eventually started spending a lot of time together. One day, 15 hours in, ‘Sekiro’ asked me to prom and I accepted. However, it was later revealed to me, 15 hours in, that the proposal was due to a bet that ‘Sekiro’ had made with their friends.

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15 hours in, ‘Sekiro’ revealed it was me from the future, come back to deliver a dire warning.

5000 hours in, ‘Sekiro’ is me, and I am ready to close the loop…

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