‘$18 Million Is Nothing’: Activision Employees React to Settlement

On Monday, the games giant Activision Blizzard reached an agreement with the US government to pay $18 million to employees who were harassed or faced discrimination. 

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I think lump sum financial repercussions in instances like this aren’t really enough, $18 million is a lot of money to individuals or small businesses but is nothing to massive corporations like Activision Blizzard.

How about instead going forward for the next 20 years 25% of gross reported income goes to a trust that can then pay out to individuals impacted and advocacy groups? That would really wake them up.


Someone on Discord did the math, and this is less than a day of COD income for ActiBlizz. Slap on the wrist barely begins to cover it.


Wasn’t their settlement with Vince Zampella and Jason West substantially more than this? How was this acceptable?