1995's BBC 'Pride & Prejudice' Is Full of Forgotten Nuance


Welcome to the first part of our Be Good and Rewatch It on the 1995 BBC production of Pride & Prejudice! We've already screwed up!

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This is great and all but we all remember this series’ main contribution to society. image


Me, who has to work until 1AM: “tonight is gonna be so boring”
Waypoint: “ got you covered fam”


Genuinely hope there is discussion of Bridget Jones’ Diary at some point during this or a future episode


I’m a huge fan of BBC’s War and Peace (2016) miniseries. Paul Dano is PERFECT as Pierre.

And the soundtrack is G O D L Y:

I’ll need to watch P&P too. BBC Period dramas are all apparently amazing.


In what was supposed to be an episode covering the first half of the six-part series, Rob, Natalie, and Danielle spend two hours breaking down the first three-quarters of the first episode.

Just rebrand these podcasts as Lore Reasons and your problem is solved.


Obviously the correct course of action would be to spin it off into yet another podcast series (how about “Austen’s Waypoints” … because punning).


I haven’t listened yet but I have intense memories of watching this with my mother and it ruined me for all other adaptations and I am thrilled to bits to see you tackling it and at such length. I… I love y’all. That’s all. Thank you.


I’m not finished yet, but it has been fantastic. I’ve met very few people who like Austen let alone are in it for the examination of society and gender roles back then and not just the romance bits. It has been a joy listening to this podcast.

I read P&P in high school and Elizabeth blew my little teenage mind. I expected her to swoon over the hunk and be demure, but she was surprisingly independent and opinionated. Even as a modern woman with more rights, I don’t think I could ever say some of the shit she says straight to the face of a person with as much influence and wealth as Darcy. It’s also a very funny book.

I fell in love with it and refused to watch the miniseries until college. I was very much against Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth as Elizabeth and Darcy since they didn’t fit the versions in my mind. Then I saw Bridget Jones’ Diary and all of those presumptions were thrown out. He was Darcy as fuck so I gave the 95 adaption a chance. Now I’ve seen it like ten times.


RE: Lizzie as a Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

I had similar thoughts when originally read P&P a few years ago, and ended up reading some essays I found on the topic. I think the key point to remember is that while a MPDG typically exists for the benefit of a male lead, P&P largely focuses on Lizzie’s inner life and we see everything that happens from her perspective. As such, I don’t think it is a fair assessment of book Lizzie. The BBC series is a little different though. The perspective shifts around (as you noted, the series doesn’t start on The Bennets) and the format doesn’t really lend itself to inner thoughts, I think it’s definitely possible that she comes across as more of a MPDG in it (It’s been a while since I’ve seen it so I really can’t say for myself).


To add to this, I think Lizzie also avoids being a MPDG because she is not trying to bring joy and adventure into Darcy’s life. While Darcy is attracted to her playfulness and energy, she is hostile towards him and does not seek him out. When she has to interact with him, she pokes and prods him to confirm her suspicions that he is as awful as she believes and not as an attempt to loosen him up.


Finally made my way through this pod, loved every minute of it. Can’t wait for episode two!


I have loved Austen since my early teenage years and always fancied myself an Elizabeth searching desperately for my Darcy. The A&E series came out my freshman year of college, only reinforcing that thought with yummy Colin and the pond scene. Fast forward to 2019. Be careful what you wish for, fellow Lizzies. I recognize my own pride and prejudice; fell in love with a Darcy a year and a half ago. We meet in the middle and I adore him, but “rich men used to getting their own way” have handicaps and often vote red. You’ve been warned. https://candiceleebrown.com/2018/10/26/overcoming-elizabeth-bennett-style/


Hype for ang Lee’s sense and sensibility. I know it’s adjacent to the theme, but if you guys covered Scorsese’s the age of innocence I would be so happy. That movie fucking rules