20 Years Ago, Paper Mario Made the Mushroom Kingdom Feel Like a Real Place

As the biggest gaming franchise of all time, it’s unsurprising that the Mario name has sparked several offshoots, be it kart racing, golfing or board games. The majority have been good, often definitive of their respective consoles’ libraries, while others have been so shockingly egregious that they’ve spawned a sea of memes - lookin’ at you, Hotel Mario. Few, however, have been as truly divisive as the Paper Mario series, the first of which was originally released on the Nintendo 64 in Japan in 2000 and in other territories the following year.

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I just beat this game! Talk about timing!

Two decades later, rattling the A button and rapidly pushing the control stick is harder on my aging joints

This is one aspect i agree doesn’t totally hold up. It’s tough to mash a stick so much so regularly. And playing it on a gamecube controller made me really worry I’d bust a controller that’s hard to find nowadays.

One thing I have a quibble with - why always blame Miyamoto for the change in the series’ direction? Nobody seems inclined to ask Intelligent if they even want to make Paper Mario RPGs anymore.

They’ve changed the battle system regularly, something that’s outside Miyamoto’s story requirements. My working theory is that Intelligent simply aren’t interested in making a relatively standard RPG. They’ve been tinkering with the series since Super Paper Mario. It seems clear to me that making a bunch of iterative sequels isn’t what they’re interested in doing with Paper Mario.