200 Word RPG Challenge - 2017 Winners


Link to contest winners.

I just discovered this contest and I think it’s amazing!

The 2017 winner “Mechanical Oryx” sounds incredible and I would love to find a group to try it some time.

Has anyone played any of these previous entries or games likes this? Any tips on running or playing a game with these kinds of constraints? Do you design games like these or have you ever participated in the contest?


I had no idea this existed. Thanks for the heads up!!!

As far as tips go, I would recommend trying to play with people who already have experience with role-playing. Rules-lite RPGs seem accessible, but often require confident cooperative storytelling, and creating rules on the fly.

Also, while GMing, if the game every stalls out, or the players seem unsure, spend more time on the description of the environment and the situation. More context serves to flesh out the story, and gives players time and ideas for planning their character’s actions.


I haven’t played it, but roll for shoes seems like a neat idea. Probably better suited for a comedic game than an attempt at anything even vaguely serious.


I was just about to post this. Mechanical Oryx feels like exactly the kind of game Austin and Jack de Quidt would play. Maybe it just reminds me of COUNTER/Weight’s game of The Tower.


I’d never heard of these either, and I love the idea of creative scenarios paired with simple mechanics.

This is where my mind went, too. I’m tempted to try and get some non-tabletop-friendly friends to try some of these, but I’m fairly certain they wouldn’t be willing to improvise with the storytelling that well.