2017 Is The Year I Played Way Too Much Of My Favorite Games

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Me as heck.
125+ hours in Zelda BOTW
60 hours in PUBG
60 hours in Mario
200 hours in Destiny 2

Last year it was 20 hours tops in anything that wasn’t Overwatch.


Hmm , maybe too much disgaea , played the color panel item levels way too much to the point that I lost interest in the main game


This has been a year, yknow? And because of that I haven’t always had the bandwidth to play games that demand a lot from me. I love the look and feel of Prey, but I haven’t gotten enough of it’s language yet where I feel comfortable in it. Same with D:DOTO, Persona 5, even Yakuza 0, something that is heartfelt and goofy, etc, requires me to be in a certain headspace that often includes energy to engage that I don’t often have. Relatedly, I’ve read three books this year. Two of them were about meditation and the third was the finale of the Broken Earth Trilogy (seems fitting).

Stardew Valley, for me. It was probably my third most played game in 2016 (behind Steep and OW). I was initially nonplussed about starting a new farm on the Switch, until I realized how well that game fits the Switch (15 minute day intervals means easy stopping points) for relaxing self-care right before bed. It’s probably my most played game this year that isn’t PUBG. PUBG (170+ hours and counting) isn’t too surprising to me because it’s a social game and I’m playing that less for the dinners than I am for the hanging with friends.

Opus Magnum is another one. I expected to bounce off this one like I have other Zachtronics games, and was ready to admire it from afar, but the way you can just… brute force is the wrong phrase – but you can feel out solutions and get there through trial and error, and then once you know how it needs to look, you can refine it however you want (some people go with aesthetically pleasing, some efficient, some cost effective, etc). It’s been a really good.

Heat Signature – just a very relaxing game for me.

Cities:Skylines, too. For the same reason as Opus Magnum. It’s the only Sim City type game where my city hasn’t cracked and crumbled in the first couple hours of playing.


Outside of the usual 2017 suspects (Persona 5, Zelda), I don’t even want to consider how much time I wasted between Forza Horizon 3 and MLB The Show. Turns out getting laid off gave me plenty of time to sink into video games. :roll_eyes:

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P5 100+ hours
BotW 70+ (and I’m just now starting the two DLC packs)
Nier 50 hours
Yakuza 0 50+ hours
Witcher 3 80+ hours (not a 2017 game but I played it this year. Just finished the main game and am now going through the DLC)

Really spent a wildly large amount of time with relatively few games this year though. Haven’t even gotten into stuff like Mario and Kiwami yet.

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I 100%'d Nier twice back-to-back (except for the fishing) and then put like 120 hours into Persona 5. I think I’d only put ~20 into Zelda before Destiny 2 came out and stole like a month from me; haven’t gone back to play any more since then.

Nier and Persona are probably the big ones this year in terms of hour count, although I’ve put ~30 into Xenoblade 2 over the last couple of weeks here now, too.

You have extremely good* tastes, my friend. :+1:

*and by “good” I mean “similar to my own”

I am still dumping enormous amounts of time into Street Fighter V and I will never stop.

I’ve also put a bunch of time into Persona 5 but I haven’t finished it yet so I guess I haven’t put that much time into it.

Oh and Zelda. Lots of that. Lots of Zelda.

I think this is fantastic!

Isn’t this the dream of all game marketing and PR departments everywhere? Games with limitless endless content that you can play for 1 bazillion hours. What is interesting about your choices, very similar to my choices, is that these games feel intrinsically rewarding rather than driven by extrinsic rewards. The major exception for me is Destiny 2… gotta get my space guns and space armour kitted out just right.

I’ve put maybe 40+ hours into Nier Automata and I haven’t finished the “main routes.” But I love that game to death and can see myself playing hours more.

On the flipside I picked up 2016’s Kirby Planet Robobot this year and I love the gameplay in it and I’m wishing there was so much more depth. I feel like it had more potential to make it something bigger. It’s fun as hell I just wish I COULD put more time into it.

The only games I played this year that actually came out this year were Pyre, Mass Effect Andromeda, and Persona 5.

What did I play instead?
80+ hours of Final Fantasy XV
40+ hours of Sunless Sea
40+ hours of frigging Skyrim
and 250 hours of Fire Emblem Fates: Revelations, which has led me to reconsider some aspects of my life…

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