2017 James Beard Awards and 50 Best Restaurants


What do people think about food awards and restaurant rankings? Do you think it’s all inside baseball, a classist/sexist/euro-centric club for the elite, and/or a useful tool for people deciding where/what to eat?

List of 2017 James Beard Restaurant/Chef Awards

List of 2017 James Beard Media Awards

List of 2017 50 Best Restaurants


I think the reaction to these awards in (not so) recent years has been constructive though.

And by that, I am of course talking about the only destination for food opinion and appraisal, Flavortown.

I’m serious though! I’d prefer to watch or read about a place I can get in the car and go to right now, rather than getting put on a months long wait list for a $1000 taste-test.