2017 NHL Playoffs

We’re well into round 2 at this point, where does everyone stand right now? Is your team still in? Are they out? Did they never make it in? Are you an Avalanche fan who got slapped by the draft lottery? Who are you rooting for?

I’m a Sharks fan and our playoffs ended pretty much how I expected. Much faster and healthier Oilers team running over our injured top 3 centers. At least Burns will probably get a Norris.

Rooting for the Preds the rest of the way because I love Subban.


I’ve been an Oilers fan since '05 and, uh

sure is weird to watch hockey in May.


I am, in fact, a new Avalanche fan, and I am astounded that bad things continue to follow them off the ice.

Although I’m more interested in seeing how this playoff unfolds, I’m probably going for the Blues. Maybe the Caps too, since they have to stop breaking hearts at some point. Hope that Crosby is okay, tho!

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Poor old Montréal / In spite of everything that’s happened / In spite of it all…

(Hoping Sens make it all the way in the East, though I would settle for New York even if they knocked out the Habs. Just not Pittsburgh/Washington.

Excited that the Preds beat Chicago. Wish Wild would have won against the Blues, but I’m fine if the Blues go far too. As annoying and abrasive as Oilers fans are where I live, I still would rather see them appear in the Western finals than the Ducks. Just to see a Canadian team get far.

Ideal Finals would be Senators over Predators in 6. )

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You can’t even root for your boy Subban??? AFTER EVERYTHING HE DID FOR THE CHILDRENS HOSPITAL???

cannot believe you crazy habs

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I am a big fan of Subban (I still think trading him was a mistake), but I’m a bigger fan of breaking the 24 year streak of no Canadian teams winning a Stanley Cup.

Don Cherry would be proud, I suppose.

I still can’t believe that the Habs actually traded Subban. Like, he’s a dynamic player at his peak and they trade for an older, slightly worse version? Racism sure is dumb.


Welp, until I can figure out which of the 9000 ways you can embed a youtube video in html this site will actually accept, here’s just a link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6hfeMiG4cU


I laughed too hard for 12:42am omg

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Avalanche fan here and after a certain point this season i think i stopped feeling my liver :cry:. I am excited for the Preds, Laviolette has always coached an exciting brand of hockey where ever he goes and Smashville have really embraced the team which is always awesome to see for a small market team. Although idk if i can handle another year of sad Henrik…

I have no skin in the playoff race, would like to see Edmonton keep rolling though

I’m a Wild fan.

…at least we outlasted the blackhawks!


I was rooting for the Leafs but they lost first round. Pretty much at this point Ottawa and Edmonton, I want a Canadian team to win the cup. It’s been too long.

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I’m a Rangers fan, Angery reacts only :I

I um…I live in DC & like DC teams (except that one) but we always loose when it counts so I’m scared and hoping for the best because DC hasn’t won anything since 91 & look I’m very nervous & I know nobody likes our city or our teams but please let us dream here?

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I’m a Stars fan, so nothing about this season was good. I did make two trips to Winnipeg this year though, resulting in me seeing 4 Jets games. I was there when the Avs had a breakaway and turned around to pass it instead, resulting in a picked off pass. I had a good laugh.

I was going for Montreal and the Ducks, because Benn and Eaves. Realistically I expect the winner of Caps/Pens to face the winner of Blues/Preds in the final and I think the Preds have the best shot at the cup.

It’s nice that Dallas jumped to 3rd overall pick. I’d love it if the team bought out both our goalies in the off season, drafted two top prospect goalies and spent the rest of the savings ($7 Mil) on veteran defense.

Jets fan, with an increasing level of embarrassment every year. Something just doesn’t “click” with this team, which looks much better on paper.

But the Pred’s are fun to watch, and Subban is a delight, so I’m hitching my wagon onto them this year, yeah!

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Caps fan checking in. This is how I’m watching the Caps/Pens series.

(Does this forum allow embedded images or am I blind and just don’t see an option?)

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Anyone have thoughts on Niskanen not getting suspended for that cross check on Crosby? He got concussed on the play and is out of the lineup for now.