2017 Video game Characters (Possible image intensive)


Nearing the end of 2017 let look back at all of the video game characters that gave us hope, joy, and something to think about either our lives or our world. Post as many characters as you want.



A great performance by Ashly Burch.


Post 2b or post not-2b?



i’m love her

Does this count? Overwatch was released last year but Moira was added this year.



Nia’s really great

The promotional material didn’t do her any justice!





Bea - Night in the woods

She reminds me of my sister when she was going through her goth phase.

Pascal - Nier: Automata

Tried very hard to make a village of friendly robots and live in peace.

Makoto and Futaba - Persona 5

One is a strong women who looking to make a difference. Also has a Motorcycle as her inner self. The other is my inner self of shyness, tech savvy, nerdy, and a cutie. Her Persona is Alien alloys.

Jodariel - Pyre
Another strong women with the ability of kicking ass and just wanting to go home. She really does cares about people.

Mina - Battle Chef Brigade

Artist: Ilya Kuvshinov

A charming girl to knifes, witty, friendly, and has wind powers.

Monika - Doki Doki Literature club

Just Monika



listen. someone was going to.


But what if…




Hedwyn and Fae are the best.

this is also a really cute moment


and while we’re on hollow knight


Looking forward to her DLC


I love Reyes from Thimbleweed Park, even if only because whenever you give him something, he says “Oh, I love carrying things” which made me laugh every time I did