2017's Queer Game Characters Gave Me Hope

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It was a good push for Queer characters, from their struggles to just being people. I think the next move for games is Trans and gender-neutral characters. Morgana from Persona 5 was a missed opportunity for a gender-neutral since Morgana greatly want it to be referred to as male, even if there hints near the end show that Morgana has not gender.

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Great piece, Danielle. :sparkling_heart:

The road ahead is long and no doubt we’ll be fighting for more inclusivity & better support structures/opportunities for marginalised creators for a while to come, but it’s nice to remind each other that steps, however small, are being made in the right direction. I probably played more games with lgbtq+ characters this year than any other, and I feel confident in saying doing so has helped me understand my own identity (i came out as trans earlier in the year). Here’s to more of that in 2018 and beyond.


I do wish Danielle had acknowledged Prey not having the male protagonist be queer as well.

It may have just been because either gender you choose had the same girlfriend, but that also makes the decision for the female Morgan to be gay a little less meaningful.


Yeah, not having male Morgan also be definitively queer was a bummer. It’s been a pretty good year for female queer characters, but we’re still lacking on queer men and especially trans and non-binary characters.

And this year also had Mass Effect: Andromeda, which brought… (ME:A spoilers)

a single definitively trans character… who deadnames herself to someone she’s known for two minutes
hiring a trans actress (Jamie Clayton!!!) to play… a character who is killed offscreen before the game even begins
male turians in a canonically gay romance… with one of them being dead
3 gay romance options for women… and 1 for gay men, with him getting significantly less content and screen time compared to the straight options for men (and a romance plot largely centered around his straight female friend’s desire to get impregnated by her gay friend’s sperm…)

Different directors, lead writers, and etc., but this was still so disappointing after Dragon Age: Inquisition, which did pretty well with its queer characters.

I really liked Night in the Woods’ relationship between Gregg and Angus too, even though they were in a supporting role


Look @onsamyj i know you may take issue with Life is Strange but your way of phrasing your post is not okay in the slightest. you should at least put a content warning before that blur spoiler. even then your tone when it comes to violence is disgusting

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(hate to double post but i just deleted my first post by accident and the undelete function isnt working)

maybe im just missing something, but i’ve never played or heard of a popular/big game with a focus on two men who love each other. Life Is Strange, The Last Of Us, Dishonored 2, all have lesbian spinoffs, but there is no gay man DLC. It’s pretty cynical to think like this, but is it just because lesbians are fetishized while gay men are villified? Are they afraid of alienating the teenagers who are supposed to relate to the protagonists?

There is no shortage of angsty hot dudes in video games. Let them kiss!

Also I need to play Dream Daddy ASAP


You’re point is completely valid but could someone please take a moment to enter Lesbian Spinoff DLC into Giant Bomb’s wiki.