2017's Worst Villains Were More Than Just Monsters


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A lot of my top 10 games have their environments shaped by shitty government systems or some high body that made a choice that lead to horrors to the world.


Cameron’s article gets to a big reason why I’m higher up on Mass Effect: Andromeda more than most people. That game’s central conflict really isn’t about clashing civilizations or a big bad, but rather it is about a people’s struggle to find a new home in an indifferent universe. I just love that concept, because it’s not about maintaining a status quo to ensure people stay alive, but to create a chance for people who are marked for death to survive. To make something that shouldn’t exist, but one that fundamentally improves the lives of many. It’s one of the few AAA releases that is about building, not destroying or foiling an evil plot. And because of that, despite the myriad of flaws Andromeda has, is why I still love it.


I’m very interested in playing that game. My plan for 2018 is to play through all the games in the series in a row!


Oh wow, that’s quite an undertaking. I recommend taking breaks between games to stave off burnout, and don’t forget to check out the DLC missions (especially for ME 2 and 3)!

Also, with regards to Andromeda, know that I was more speaking about the game’s vision versus its execution. The actual game is far too focused on combat and stopping an evil empire at the expense of exploration and survival. I just appreciate the gesture towards those themes in the narrative and some gameplay elements.