2018: Anime is About to E X P L O D E


Have people started thinking about how much potentially good stuff is airing in 2018?? Holy shit.


Go Nagai’s infamous manga skewed through the lens of master director Masaaki Yuasa. The panel floating around the internet where the guy says “MY FATHER DIED” comes from this thing. Holy shit.


Kyoto Animation makes their play for the international market. Do you know how long it took them to animate those mechanical hands?? Holy shit.


The director of Free! and the character designer of Doukyuusei are adapting the greatest shoujo boy’s love conspiracy crime comic of all time. Holy shit.



It’s a new romance series by much of the creative staff of comedy favorite Nozaki-kun (plus some Ikuhara alums.) But an original story this time, rather than being derived from a comic. Holy shit.



This show was just announced today and has a staff list so loaded with talented folks I actually laughed out loud. Holy shit.

There’s also an adaptation of Pop Team Epic coming down the pipe, that Darling in the Franxxx project from A-1 and Trigger, an animated remake of Gridman from the guy who brought you Inferno Cop and one of the better tokusatsu writers, Ninja Batman, more Cardcaptor Sakura, MORE FLCL and a tv series based on the works of comics horror master Junji Ito. Also Mari Okada is directing a movie, and I’m probably missing a few other projects. Anyone excited for any of these in particular? Anime is wild!


Devilman Crybaby by the director and composer of the masterful Ping Pong the Animation is making me randomly scream in the middle of the night from excitement. I cannot wait.


I am so hype for more cardcaptor sakura. I can’t quite believe it’s really happening tbh.


Hadn’t heard of Devilman Crybaby but I’m on board for anything Masaaki Yuasa. Hoping to be able to see the two things he made this year as well. Anyone know if they are streaming somewhere? How do I watch them.

I have no idea ever what new anime is coming out, but I look forward to seeing


if poptepepic gets delayed again i will destroy the reviled takeshobo with my own hands


It’s too bad that the explosion will be delayed by Devilman and Evergarden being on Netflix.


Getting Kensuke Ushio on board was a masterstroke, yes. The legacy of Supercar continues…


If you graphed my excitement about 2018 anime over time, this sentence is exactly when the line documenting my excitement plunges way down.


Both have been touring the festival circuits, but haven’t been made available elsewhere as of yet? I’d keep an eye out for Blurays in the future. GKIDS is running a promotion for Yuasa’s Mind Game in December, maybe they’ll help bring his other stuff over if it does well…


from what I understand, Devilman’s being made available on January in the US and Japan simultaneously in January. So you don’t have to wait! Violet Evergarden is another story, sadly…


Just wanna put a few more anime in the proverbial ring:

Trigger teaming up with A-1 to make a new mech anime. Shigeto Koyama (Star Driver) doing mech design, Atsushi Nishigori doing something that isn’t Idolmaster, it’ll probably be good? Nishigori likes his sakuga so it’ll be flashy at least.


An animated reboot of a 90s tokusatsu show spearheaded by Trigger’s number one robot anime fan Akira Amemiya. Amemiya already directed and basically solo key-animated a short for this back for the Animator Expo in 2015 and it was extremely good, so high hopes for this coming out good.

By the way Akira Amemiya directed Inferno Cop, which ALSO got a second season that might come out in 2018

Hiroyuki Imaishi and Kazuki Nakashima are back at it again. Not much is known about this show save a cool poster, and this might not even come out in 2018 but GEEKBOAT (aka Imaishi and co) departed LWA in episode 4 to (presumably) work on this, so who the fuck knows!


god there’s some real good shit coming this year huh
Mitsuboshi Colours
the manga is probably the best slice of life since like Yotsuba&!. three small children realise that cops are a scourge upon the earth and set out to destroy their local policeman through dumb childish pranks

Teasing Master Takagi
romcom series of a girl repeatedly and unrepentantly owning the shit out of a boy she has a crush on

Yakuza dude enjoys his stable life of crime until a psychic child turns it all to shit

also pretty sure the Golden Kamuy anime is this year which is insanely good


Apparantly To Aru Majustu No Index might be getting season 3 next year, which sounds about right with the Virtual-On Crossover game happening that year too. Am hype as FUCK for that, one of my favourite series. I’m getting the movie and season 2 of both it and Railgun for christmas so ima go prepared.


My Hero Academia’s third season should be really good. I’m very excited to see the Hideout Raid Arc animated.


Don’t know anything about Devilman but from what people have said, and what they’ve showed, I’m 100% checking out the new series.

FLCL definitely my most anticipated though. Will it capture the spirit of the original while making something just as compelling? Or will it fall victim to nostalgia and retread too much of the same ground? Either way, we’re getting more Pillows music so I’m 1000% on board.


Weirdly enough, the guy who directed Flip Flappers is doing demon/robot designs for both Devilman and the new FLCL! Pretty cool, though I hope he gets a chance to direct his own thing again soon vs. doing Creative Monster Designs for other properties.

As for whether the new FLCL’ll measure up to the old one, I dunno. Original FLCL’s the definition of lightning in a bottle that can never be recaptured, but if it’s at least fun and experimental and captures some of the original’s melancholy vibe, that’ll be a little better than the worst case scenario. I’d have loved for another band to be spotlighted w/ the change in focus (Mass of the Fermenting Dregs was what I REALLY wanted) but I’ll take more Pillows songs.


Jeeeeeesus christ that Kyoani trailer




I don’t think it’s confirmed but I wouldn’t be surprised if the next season of One Punch Man lands some time in 2018 as well. Unfortunately it’s not being done by the same animation studio and director as the first season.