2018 Bwacket Challenge!


What’s hoop, internet?

It’s that time of year again - time for family, friends, and community to show how little we truly know about college basketball.
If you’d like to fill out a bwacket and see how it stacks up against the rest of the Waypoint community, you can join the group I’ve created here: http://games.espn.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/2018/en/group?groupID=2308541

Password is “feet” (without quotes).

Best of luck to all! :v:


fantastic, i’m in.


this forum was a mistake


You had me at “The password is ‘feet.’”


I havent watched a single college game this year but lord help me if i dont pick duke losing in the second round.


Space Jam is the only basketball game I’ve ever watched in its entirety. In the finals I put West Virginia because I like the McElroys, and OSU because that’s a good video game. I can’t wait to win.


Griffin’s alma mater (and I think Justin and Travis’ too but I’m not certain), Marshall University, is in the tournament too!


look out for the montana over michigan upset.


In previous years I have picked Cincinnati based on the theory that you must Cin 2 Win babyyyy. This strat did not pan out but you are welcome to steal it.


I might be one of the few people who watch college basketball regularly in this forum, which means I will be defeated in humiliating fashion. I’m in.


This thread is going to be great when all of our predictions go up in flames.


I’m in hopefully I’m not the one getting upset this year…


I simmed my bracket in College Hoops 2K6 for the XBOX so we’ll see how it holds up. By an incredible coincidence, my alma mater ended up champions


I guess I’ll fill one out when I have the time just to see what in world happens. Really sucks that my alma mater (Alabama) is gonna have to play Villanova if they make it to the second round. Oh well! You can’t win all the sports!


I don’t know a damn thing about college basketball but we did brackets at work and I just made mine by comparing the famous alumni of each school. Who knew you could win a major tournament just by being the school the Ace of Cakes went to??


literally never watched an entire game of basketball in my life so I think i’m in the perfect position to fucking ace this


Rhode island pls my crops are dying


rhodie breaking my heart right there. come ONNN.


Rhode island PLEASE


Keep a close eye on Penn! If they win it will be historic - I definitely want to have been watching the first time a 16 seed took down a #1.