2018 Comics/Manga Thread


Kind of ripping off the 2018 Music Thread but this time with comics.

What series are people still following in to 2018, what new releases are you looking forward to, etc. etc. etc.

Personally, I am looking forward to picking up Made in Abyss today and the continued release of Delicious in Dungeon by Ryōko Kui, Goro by Sarah Horrocks and the trade editions of Head Lopper by Andrew MacLean. While nothing has been announces at this time, I am really hopeful that this year has new material from Noah Van Scriver and Simon Hanselmann.


Are up to date on Goro? I have barely any clue what happened in issue three or sometimes what exactly I was looking at but in that good way where your pour over it all repeatedly and want more. I can see why Sarah said over Twitter, or maybe on her Patreon, that she expects sales to drop though. Quite liked the Frank Miller-style lettering on some panels for gunshots. Her and Katie Skelly did a great podcast episode on that series so it was nice to see that influence on the page.

Anyway, like you, I would love a Simon Hanselmann release. I’m sure we’ll have more of his self-published stuff throughout the year but I’m not expecting a Fantagraphics release any time soon. With what he considers the first “season” of MMO done, I’m pretty sure he’s expressed a desire to have the next one, focused on Megg, released in a larger format akin to most European comics. Other than that, again, not expecting anything, but a new comic from Julia Gfrörer would be swell.

To be honest, though, I don’t really have a lot lined up. I’ve taken a greater interest in manga recently so I have at least two releases there I’m looking forward to - the original Devilman and Captain Harlock series - but I usually rely on word of mouth to discover what I’m interested in and just try to make my way through series’ I’m already invested in, which is a whole lot. Apart from buying issues of Goro as they’re released, I don’t even buy that many single comics and even then it’s usually only self-published stuff. The only ones I am subscribed to are 2000AD and the Megazine, two that are hard to quit because they always spark my interest in some way once again, just when I’ve considered unsubscribing.

Anyway, I don’t know much I’ll post in this thread. I haven’t done so in the other, general one at all because I can barely connect with anyone whose interests are in DC or Marvel’s output outside of some classic works.


I haven’t had the time or inclination to follow many comics or manga, but I’m very much looking forward to the next volume of Ancient Magus Bride, which is a beautiful manga that I’ve enjoyed all of so far. Beyond that, I’m looking forward to the new, large-format hardcover re-issues of Battle Angel Alita, only the first one is out so far. I need to find some comic series I can follow though (waiting for full volumes of manga is particularly hard). I haven’t followed comics in a while, I should catch up with the wicked and the divine, and Saga if there’s more of that.


Also looking forward to continuing Delicious in Dungeon this year, it was probably my favorite of 2017. Other series I plan on keeping up on are Golden Kamuy and Land of the Lustrous. I am particularly excited for more Land of the Lustrous. If you’ve watched it’s recently aired anime, a lot of the interesting shots it does were basically lifted directly from the source material.

As for new stuff off the top of my head, Go For It, Nakamura! has been recommended to me a couple times and looks pretty cute. Then Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction (that title tho) by Inio Asano, which I don’t really know much about other than it’s Inio Asano (Goodnight Punpun, solanin) so gonna check it out atleast!


i’ve also been reading delicious in dungeon! i’m only on volume 3, but i like it a lot. the themes of monster ecosystems and weird biology are like catnip to me as someone who has a huge interest in biology and the oddities of nature. also the art is really nice, every volume cover is such a treat to look at

i also have the first volume of land of the lustrous and am looking forward to reading more. i bought/read it before the anime was released from the clutches of amazon’s double paywall and the art is wonderful; finally seeing the anime has only made me more interested.

as i have been for years, i’m also slowly keeping up with IDW’s ongoing transformers comics. transformers has always been dear to me as a franchise and IDW’s take on that universe is not only good sci-fi for a transformers story, it’s just good sci-fi in general. i’m pretty far behind because i tend to buy the volumes when they come out rather than keeping up with it issue by issue, but from what i hear the quality has not slipped in more recent entries.


I’ve only read the first two issues of Goro. Three went on sale right as I was doing my holiday shopping for the family so I held off and at this point I am simply waiting for issue four to come out and I’ll get both.

I do relate to your feeling of confusion though–I’ve had to reread both of the first issues quite a few times to make sure I am tracking everything (more or less). But, having said that, I love Sarah’s aesthetic, page composition, and simply how she’ll just go big artistically. She really has a unique way of working and I think it rocks.


Apologies for the fact that this post will definitely be an outlier in this thread but can anyone recommend Uzumaki? Both for myself and for the fact I’m considering it as a birthday present for someone who’s fairly big on both horror and manga.


It’s my favorite Ito book. He does cosmic horror extremely well without falling into the traps of Lovecraft. It’s one of the few horror comics that has actually creeped me out or scared me in any way. Huge CW for some really shocking and gross imagery. Not really gore, but lots of extreme bodily distortions.


As gdyoder said, content warning for pretty extreme body horror. That goes for just about any of Junji Ito’s work. But I would definitely recommend it. I think it drags a bit with some pacing issues, but over all I think it’s a pretty enthralling read. Ito’s art is just killer per usual.

You should definitely check out the hardcover 3-in-1 book if you haven’t seen it. It’s like 20 bucks on Amazon and is absolutely gorgeous.


Echoing @gdyoder and @CrocosmiaUzumaki is amazing!!!

Depending on your on limits, you may want to do a quick Google Image search to confirm that the body horror that Ito displays sits well with you. On the other hand, it is really an otherworldly experience to read Uzumaki without knowing what might come and being hit by some of his splash pages.


Land of the lustrous vol 4:

If depression feels like your body is cracking and you gold fluid melts out than I can relate to Phos.


Dorohedoro is my favorite slice of life manga.

And I’m starting to pick up the Flowers of Evil manga after watching the adaptation to anime because I hate it when a romance show ends just as the couple finally gets together.

I am mostly joking… mostly

edit: I will also cosign Uzumaki as being amazing.


Oh yeah! Dorohedoro is def on my Check Out list this year!


I’ve been reading After Hours which is a queer slice of life-ish manga about aging DJs who want to do one last big show and a younger woman who kind of hooks up with their crew as a VJ after a chance encounter at a club. The localized first volume came out last year, and I have to assume the rest are in the process of being localized.

It’s alright, not my favourite. I do really like the art in it, though.

It also reminded me that Justice vs. Simian exists so hey thats good.

EDIT: I also capped off last year reading the new re-release of Dokudami Tenement, a serialized manga from the 70s that was collected into one volume last year and continuing with more volumes into this year. It’s something, let me tell you. People should check it out if they can, but as of right now you can only get it from the publisher in Japan. (Or maybe you’ll get lucky and your local comic shop will have a few copies. Mine did, but they picked them up during a recent trip to Japan)


LOOOVE Ancient Magus Bride and Land of the Lustrous! I’m also following along with the Descending Stories manga, which has a lot of great information on rakugo practices and how it’s modernized.

Also Giant Days, of course, because Giant Days is my favorite comic ever. 2018 might be the year I fall off of WicDiv, though.

This is more a light novel than comics, but I think Nisioisin’s monogatari series translations have been getting better lately, and I’m really looking forward to the novel versions of what was Monogatari series season two hitting us this year, since it was such an excellent show.

Oh, and if I find space/cash, I need to pick up MHA


You’ll see what I mean when I say that I’m not sure I fully understand what happened in issue three when you get it then. It’s a treat for the eyes though. All splash pages, and what pages they are!


So I read the first five volumes of Dorohedoro and it was enjoyable but also kind of slow? Like stuff was happening and visually it is wonderful but the plot wasn’t moving at a pace that sat right with me. I do not think I have much experience with the “slice of life” so that may be the issue. Is there a point in the series where you think it really hits a strong stride or if I felt this kind of wishy washy after reading a reasonable chunk I should probably acknowledge the book might not be for me?


I really like Dorohedoro. It’s still unfinished, but very close to done, pretty long manga. It’s all on comixology/amazon now, at least in the US, which how I read it. It can be slow but its cool and weird and charming and sometimes gruesome.


It’s equal parts kind of touching and funny and gleefully gruesome and sadistic but never in a gross way. If that makes sense…


I just finished the first volume on Monstress. I wasn’t sure about it until about half way through the first chapter when I basically fell in love with it. It’s got this mix of two very different aesthetics, steampunk (mostly in the beginning) and high-fantasy (mostly in the middle and towards the end). The steampunk-y stuff in the beginning through me off a little just because it’s something that’s rarely ever done right in my opinion.

Also I think this is the only story I’ve ever seen that includes straight up furry characters and talking cats that maintains a tone that’s as bloody and serious as A Song of Ice and Fire.

Speaking of which fair warning, it’s a pretty dark story and doesn’t shy away from violence.

I’ve also been reading the

2nd volume of Land of the Lustrous

, and I love it just as much as I did when I was watching the anime, if not more. Also I love Bort for some reason.