2018 Comics/Manga Thread


I had been back and forth on picking up Monstress for a few months and then made the plunge at the start of the summer. Don’t regret it in the least and have volume 3 pre-ordered at my local store.

I have seen some panels and stills from Land of the Lustrous and can’t figure out if it is for me. Visually it looks interesting and seems like it has cool sort of retro-body horror vibes; maybe that is not a great way to put it but I have gotten a sense of Go Nagai and Leiji Matsumoto… but the plot seems a little off putting or cliched? I dunno. I am not actually contributing anything of note right now.


Land of the Lustrous’ story is hard to talk about. Not because of spoilers or anything. Just because it’s characters are so removed from being biological. I’ve heard one person call it a “coming of age” story, but that’s extremely reductive, age doesn’t matter to these characters, the youngest one of them is over a hundred.

I personally love it, but it’s weird and different in so many ways. I don’t know if I can really recommend it to people who don’t already know a lot about it.


Fair enough. I think I have resigned myself to it being a series that, if it basically falls into my lap or if it becomes available at the local library, I’ll check it out.


Bumping this thread because I am desperately trying to put off work. That and we are nine months in to the year and I am curious what folks are still reading / what they might have picked up / what they’ve dropped etc. Below is a list of the titles I am currently following. In terms of drops, @Endzville, I have taken a pause on Goro. Not sure if I’ll return to it. Are you still with it?

Series I am reading (in no order):
Head Lopper
To Your Eternity
Gundam Thunderbolt
Delicious in Dungeon
Blade of the Immortal

I am planning on checking out the following once they are available (as trades):
Prism Stalker
Abara & Aposimz (love Tsutomu Nihei)
20th Century Boys: Perfect Edition


Saw this in the store and was thinking about picking it up, but decided against it. Is it any good?

Also, should we make a 2019 comics thread now?


It’s been years since I read it and thought it was pretty boring, but I wouldn’t really trust my old judgment? The narrative was sort of nonsense, but Nihei’s narratives can be really interesting even when they make no sense, and the art is always incredible.

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My recommendation would be, if this is your first forray with Nihei to Google some of his work: his earlier stuff has a very claustrophobic cyberpunk arsthetic which may be off putting. If you like what you see though this book is dope as hell.

As noted above, Nihei’s narratives can be… lacking? However, if you are simply looking for an unapologetic scifi that isn’t interested in explaining itself, this is that. Nihei’s early work is more of a visceral reaction—“wow that’s cool and weird”—as opposed to satisfying story.

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