2018 Music Releases


the old music general thread is now out of date, so allow me to kick off the new thread for 2018!

new mixtape from Scallops Hotel (a.k.a. milo) dropped on New Year’s Day, it’s short but fun and Youngman’s guest verse on Private Temple Hours is incredible

2018 Comics/Manga Thread

(Deleted what I initially typed because I posted a song that I didn’t realize was actually a 2017 track).

I’m really excited for David Byrne’s new album! This single sounds like Talking Heads at its finest! Lyrics that are surreal as hell over a beat that you will dance to because you must


The new Kendrick track featuring SZA is fire incarnate. I’m super pumped to see what he does as the producer of the Black Panther album. A Marvel movie might have a memorable soundtrack for once!


I’ve always been a fan of Jeff Rosenstock and his earlier work in Bomb the Music Industry. He was a big inspiration to a lot of us punk diy kids in New England through his projects with donation based labels. January 1 he rogue dropped a new album called POST. His music is relentlessly honest and upbeat with a pop punk tinge.


oh wow this has multiple 7-minute-plus tracks on it… jeffy really did go full “Post-” on us didn’t he! can’t wait to check this out, thank you so much for sharing!!


That is a sweet track, and I’m 100% with you on the forgettable soundtracks, they really need to get some fresh composers in and ease the fuck off of the temp tracks.

Sunmi’s got a new single out in eight days, here’s the last one she did

You might recognise her from this fucking sick bass video

I’m really hoping for some new CRJ this year, along with Alessia Cara. Less likely is Pup and Oathbreaker, as they only dropped their latest albums in 2016. If it’s not obvious, I’m super behind on current music.


i love this soccer mommy track, ‘your dog’. haven’t heard anything else by them before but now really want to:

this year, i really want a new robyn album. i think it’s the least this world could give me. and a cassie album would be awesome also.


Oh hey! Not so humble brag: I have friends who used to play with Soccer Mommy and I worked at the same coffee shop as Sophie’s sister! They’re so good!


I’m particularly intrigued at the fact that Oneohtrix Point Never (who I became obsessed with last year, and who has a new album on the way it seems) contributed to this album.


Not sure too many people here will be into mathy emo, but the new Tiny Moving Parts album, “Swell”, comes out in a couple of weeks!


Since I’m a year late I didn’t listen to Paramore’s last album until now and I’m actually enjoying it?

Also for 2018 music the Breeders have a new track out and an album this March and I’m wondering what y’all thought of it (I thought the song was okay)


New MGMT single came out about a week ago. The new stuff is shaping up really well. This one is really dreamy and sleepy.

“When You Die” was easily one my favorite singles of last year. I listened to it obsessively. So great. Shame it came out too late to get nominated for any awards, like, anywhere. “Little Dark Age” was also a really fun, moody song. Loving this stuff!! :slight_smile:


Also, if you’re a massive nerd like me, you’ll be happy to know They Might Be Giants are not only releasing an album on January 19th but also doing Dial-A-Song once again this year! You can check it out every week on their Youtube Channel:


Yeah, Rosenstock is recent favorite find. Looking forward to the new one!


new Maxo Kream mixtape! solid stuff


The new CupcakKe album is pretty damn good. I kind of wrote her off as a shock rapper (not a bad thing, I’m a fan of Kool Keith after all), but the album has a lot more heart than I was expecting. Some killer flows on this thing, too. Also there are some lines on this album that made me lose it on the subway.

Here’s a video off of it. It is NSFW. Like IDK how it is on YouTube.


nother new Young Fathers single, their next album is dropping March 9th


I’m not on any of them there streaming services, so I’ve not heard any of the preview tracks, but Yo La Tengo are releasing a new album in March and it sounds very interesting…

Looking forward to seeing them in May, as well.


I just wanted to share this interesting bit of music: Tom Hardy made a rap mixtape under the name Tommy No. 1, with Tracy aka Eddie Too Tall on production. Here is a bandcamp link: https://tootall.bandcamp.com/album/falling-on-your-arse-in-1999


Dear Apollo put out their debut EP a couple of days ago and it’s a great little set of prog metal tunes.