2018 Music Releases


I’m only three songs in, but I think this new Beach House album is my favorite of theirs since Bloom. For whatever reason this song in particular is giving me some “Galaxie 500 meets Cocteau Twins” vibes, and I just love it.

EDIT: I ended up staying up til way too late listening to this album, this particular song, and a ton of favorite dream pop tracks like I haven’t done in at least five or six years. Which is to say that this album reminded me just how much I love dream pop, and is very, very good for that.


Heading into town (more or less specifically) to pick it up today!


For those who are interested, The Arctic Monkeys have released their latest album on Spotify.

Of more interest to myself was Jon Hopkins:

This is of course, fucking excellent.


Currently giving it a listen on my cheapo headphones at work and I very much get that Galaxie 500 vibe, good call! Can’t wait to give it a proper listen at home on the ole hifi box. I find it sounds fuzzier than previous albums so far and I like it a lot.


I burned out on the Beach House sound by Teen Dream, so excited to hear a lot of hype around how interesting this new album is.


I’m excited about Jeph Jacques latest release!


I thought I was in a similar boat when neither Depression Cherry or Thank Your Lucky Stars did much for me. I figured I had just listened to Bloom so many times that I was over new Beach House. But this album is some just plain solid dream pop and shoegaze from front to back.


blummin good is this

(half way through first proper listen)


BTW for those who want to see the Albert Camus book cover generator in action, BH also posted a visual companion for all of 7


Camus book cover generator is the funniest fucking description of this


I had fallen off of Beach House years ago and then Black Car came up in my recommended Youtube feed yesterday and knocked my socks off.

I didn’t even realize they had a new album coming out until then. So it was pretty cool to find out they did, that I love the direction they are taking their sound in and that the album was coming out in a day. I’m very excited for it, although I still haven’t given it a listen because I wanted to listen to it without the distractions of work.

Also the new Iceage album is extremely good.


New Roisin Murphy tracks comin’ out! :slight_smile:


It’s true, both the new Beach House and Iceage albums are fantastic. Heard it here first.


@ElectronicOldMen @MarkB eh while I’m WAY WAY into the new Beach House and think it might be my favourite thing they’ve put out yet…the new Iceage left me cold for the most part. Some tracks were really good, but it’s a weak album overall IMHO and I was excited for this evolution in their sound unlike some of the purists who hate the album bc it’s not You’re Nothing. When the first singles started coming out I was pumped (I really liked and still like “Catch It” and think “Pain Killer” is really interesting but like it less hearing it in the context of the entire album) but the album as a whole didn’t deliver like I thought it would. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Skating Polly has a new album out, called The Make It All Show. I’d heard the first couple of songs they’d released in the run up to the release, and thought, “OK, that’s poppy and pleasant, but maybe a little underwhelming?”

Then I heard the rest of the album. It’s one of the best so far this year.

The physical release seems to have been pushed back, but it’s out digitally now. Also, you definitely shouldn’t sleep on last year’s New Trick EP, which was co-written with Nina Gordon and Louise Post of Veruca Salt (whose own reunion album, Ghost Notes, is also really good). Until this album, I thought New Trick was the best thing they’d ever done.

Also, they’re touring with Charly Bliss, whose album Guppy is an incredibly good throwback to 90’s Weezer-style power pop.


Yes, Beach House’s “7” is awesome, but Key!'s “777” is 111x better. I’m sorry but the numbers don’t lie.


Mark Pritchard released The Four Worlds this year as a teaser for the follow up to Under the Sun, which is one of my favorite albums in the last few years. Getting around to it now and the closing tracks to this thing are something else, and the accompanying Johnathan Zawada installations pieces don’t hurt either. That this is supposed to be a teaser has me thinking that his next project might be something special.


This is beautiful EP made by eyelovebrandon. He’s collaborated with a number of awesome artists.

It’s something I listen to when relaxing


Any 90s idm fans? Or just richly textured soundscapes? This album quickly shot past everything else this year and in my mind shot up to modern classic. Everything about it is immensely impressive, definitely worth your time.


new Death Grips single! i like it a lot, it reminds me of the NO LOVE/Government Plates era a lot, feels like a “return to form” in a lot of ways (not that they haven’t put out good stuff since then)

huuuuge seizure warning on the video