2018 Music Releases


I absolutely second this. Care for Me is more than likely going to be my album of the year. It’s so well crafted, heart-breaking, and thankfully hopeful by the end.

Saba is just getting started and I am pumped.


How are people feeling about the new Parquet Courts record? I was extremely worried about Danger Mouse producing, but after listening I think he did a decent job of staying out of the way for the most part, with a few flourishes here and there. Still, at first pass this is probably my least favorite album of theirs. I think it’s striving to go to a lot of places but maybe overreaches a bit, and I just haven’t felt like the songwriting is as memorable as it has been. I’m going to give it a few more spins over time and see if it grows on me.


I’ve only listened to it all the way through once, but from that I really really like it. I liked Human Performance a good bit but thought the second half dragged a little, and I feel like Wide Awake manages to keep a good pace throughout. I also dig the greater political slant to it, even if some of it comes across as heavy-handed.


The Arctic Monkeys released a new album a couple weeks ago, and today I finally got around to listening to it.

Here’s a brief aside: I was at a wedding in Wales a couple weeks ago, and the DJ played I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor and I was like “oh right these guys are great” except, of course, that they’ve not released an album that sounded like that first album since. Which is cool, and something I wish more bands did (personally their second album is still my favorite), but sometimes you hit and sometimes you miss when you experiment like that (Suck It and See, perhaps appropriately, kind of sucked). So I was interested to see where they went with this go-round, and hopefully we’d get a good experiment like AM was.

You know how David Bowie wrote really good music about being in space and such? This album is like that, but if David Bowie was slightly less good and all his albums fell apart in the back half. I was on board with it for the most part but I wasn’t kidding about the album falling apart the further you got in. Also, the best bits of it just feel like something you’ve heard before, only David Bowie was singing.

I mean look, just listen to this and tell me that’s not just David Bowie-lite:

End of the day, this is an Okay Album, but that’s about it.


…the new Pusha is really fucking good, and i feel weird about that considering how much Kanye is involved in it.


I’m really digging the new Lindi Ortega album, Liberty. It’s country (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but lest that scare you off it I am by no means a fan of country music generally and Liberty feels more in the genre of the great Western scores than modern popular country. sort of a gothic vibe in places and honestly some songs remind me a bit of Blondie of all things.


if this sounds accusatory, sorry, but im curious: what do you like about it?

i think i might be an outlier, since it just got that Best New Music, but it kinda fell flat for me. i’ve loved his previous stuff (and Clipse, ofc), and to be fair Pusha’s a pretty fantastic rapper as always. but i dont know if it makes up for the production, which sounds really rough and inconsistent, like good ideas that weren’t polished into full songs, almost? i genuinely want to get what the hype is about.


Don’t worry, you’re not being accusatory at all.

I think that the production throughout isn’t always consistent, but personally I think Pusha’s rapping is more than enough to compensate. And even then, I don’t dislike the production, there are some really interesting minimalist directions that the album goes in and I dig it, it feels a like an extension of Pablo at some points.


this is fucking banging for me, they had it bumping loud at the court today and it sounded even better there. im loving it so far though pusha has been getting a bit long in the tooth for a while now.


some parts of the album, when the beats just let pusha’s lyricism breather are fucking spine-tingling.


Im super into these two new tracks JUNGLE released a few weeks ago!


dunno if there are any jenny hval fans out here, but her new album (ep?) is really incredible. it definitely has fewer jagged edges than much of her other solo work, and is a really swirly and enveloping riff on van morrison’s transcendent caledonia soul music template. if you’re into meditative 10 minute astral plane explorations, this is the summer record for you.


@hans_moleman never heard of her but your description makes me want to hit a bong and hit play so thanks for the rec!!


she’s a terrific (and prolific) avant-pop artist, and considering your handle, i quite suspect that you’ll enjoy her work. apocalypse, girl is probably my favorite, but innocence is kinky and blood ■■■■■ are also solid front-to-back.


Slight bit of self-promotion here, but there’s some great stuff on this independent compilation I’ve contributed to if you’re a fan of “IDM” / ambient / experimental electronic / that sorta stuff


I am loving this, I always struggle to find good country over here in the UK.


Sweet Jesus the new Black Thought is 17 minutes and 15 seconds of pure fucking fire


new single from Idles! i really loved their album that just came out last year so i didn’t expect any new stuff for a while, what a pleasant surprise. the sound is similar to the last album but they’ve definitely stepped up the production


The new 0PN album, Age Of, is super odd and I’m probably going to love it unconditionally with enough time. As it stands right now, I’m digging the bizarre balance he has between poppy, autotuned, harpsichord-centric tracks in the opening section and the raucous, industrial-tinged deconstructions in the album’s latter half. While it’s nowhere near as bombastic as Garden of Delete was, I’m definitely enjoying this (relatively) more relaxed outing.


I’ve had Joe Talbot singing “tender, violent and queer” and “I’m like Stone Cold Steve Austin/I put homophobes in coffins” stuck in my head on loop since Tuesday