2018 Music Releases


yeah those lyrics really had me wondering, is he out? i hadnt heard anything to that effect so i wasn’t sure but, The Lyrics


I know he has a girlfriend because I read that their daughter together died tragically young, idk if he’s bi or just making a firm stand against certain kinds of fans of loud aggressive music so they don’t glom on to Idles or what but whatever the reason I love him and want him to be happy and successful.

Here’s a show where he’s blown away that everyone knows all the words to songs off Brutalism and invites someone from the crowd to come sing a song, an experience he and the band deserved because they’re all amazing and beautiful people.


Listening through it right now, and I can already tell Toys 2 is going to be one of my favorite OPN tracks. I’ve always thought he was at his best on his calmer tracks, so this album is suuuuuper up my alley.


Well it happened, Tangled Hair released that album:


The new kanye sucks (Yeezus is the only album I fully like, I know I’m Weird)

The new Ghost has a few songs I really like, but is pretty weak compared to Meliora

The new FJM album is pretty good as usual

The new Chvrches is…uhhh

The new Parquet Courts is AOTY

Courtney Barnett’s new album is fine, not quite sure how I feel yet


Yesss. Toys 2 is a major highlight for me.
I could see this ending up being on of my favourite OPN projects. Even the more “traditional” songs like Black Snow and Babylon are really doing it for me. It’s one of the best things I’ve heard all year.


Giving the album a first listen now; ‘The Station’ has been a big highlight so far. Lopatin has said ‘Toys 2’ is an imaginary soundtrack to a Pixar movie or something; I would happily see this Pixar movie.

(also, as much as I’ve liked the previous tracks, ‘Toys 2’ is a nice return to instrumental R Plus Seven-ish weirdness)


also it kind of reminds of Earthbound (though I’ve admittedly never actually played Earthbound); which kind of makes sense considering I just remembered that (or one of the Mother games) flashed up for a brief split second in the album / concertscape trailer


A few of my faves this year:

  • Aidan Moffat and RM Hubbert - Here Lies the Body: Moffat is just such a wonderful storyteller, and this is probably my favourite thing he has ever done, a short story in an album that is just wonderful and ends on a poignant note with the female character urinating in a field looking at the stars. Also, RM Hubbert’s guitar is gorgeous as always. Cockrow.

  • Hop Along - Bark Your Head Off, Dog: This one has taken me a few weeks to get into, but once it clicked it has become my favourite this year. How Simple.


Two really solid electronic albums have been keeping me engaged as of late.

Skee Mask’s new album compro is absolutely stellar. Probably the most impressed I’ve been by a techno album in a while. Totally brings to mind BoC, Autechre and Aphex Twin (so yeah the 90’s greats essentially) (RA review)

Also the new Rival Console album Persona is also worth a listen. Not as interesting but very pleasing listen with tones akin to Nils Frahm and Jon Hopkins.

@Chebbles Yeah the new Hop Along is my favorite of the year so far too!


man, to get Compro and Singularity back to back is rad.


Frank is a good influence.


I’m really liking Gorillaz new stuff, which makes me happy because while I liked a few songs from Humanz I didn’t end up enjoying the album overall.

Halestorm’s new song is also…good? Not one of their best but goddammit I’ll take more Halestorm whenever they give me it.


Oh shit, outta nowhere a new Dead Sara EP.
I say out of nowhere, they put this video up a month ago so I guess I just missed it.


I posted this in the discord, since i managed to get Spotify working (its not available in my country so i had to jump hoops) i found so many great artist using the related artists feature.
And this song is just so good


this is tight. it sounds like you are lookin for new artists, so worth mentioning her delivery reminds me some of Khaela Maricich of The Blow. i fucking LOVE the blow, maybe you will like them too! Poor Aim: Love Songs and Paper Television are their best albums IMO


I posted this in another thread but the new Forth Wanderers album came out a couple months ago and it’s k i l l e r.

Also this just dropped like this week and I’m digging it.


also related:
this album is really nice too, she brought me to be steadwell
(be sure to switch to the first song in the album which is burn)


compro is album of the year for me. It feels like an instant IDM classic tbh


Been listening to Everything Connected nonstop for the past month. The album–in particular the grouping of the first few tracks–is absolutely incredible.