2018 Music Releases


@felixculpa @BurgerBob Thanks for the Skee Mask rec. Cold ambient tech is the only style of music these days that’ll make me listen to a new release without question.

@hans_moleman I’ve been meaning to check out Jenny Hval after she appeared on Kelly Lee Owens’ album last year (which SMOKES if none of y’all heard it). Thanks for the reminder!

I’m just really trying to wrap my head around Age Of currently. I love Garden of Delete, and always appreciate how OPN albums have me theorize as to how the sounds reached their conclusions (i.e. GoD’s best moments sound like he put an AMV on a USB drive and pureed it with gasoline). This one is definitely a different direction than what Replica or R+7 started, so I’m having difficulty with it.


The Snail Mail album is so good! I’m really excited to see where she goes from here.


The new Manchester Orchestra song is very good and my fave song I have heard so far this year - I Know How to Speak.


The new serpentwithfeet album is freakin gorgeous.


Listened to this once this past weekend, and it’s crazy that more people/publications aren’t talking about it! Serpentwithfeet’s previous EP was excellent, but this full length is on another level.


serpentwithfeet is going to get all the critical accolades, people are furiously writing (well deserved) glowing reviews right now I have no doubt


when Return of the Working Dead drops it’s going to be a contender for my album of the year if this track is any indication


i’ve really been enjoying the latest Junglepussy record! a good companion piece to cupcakKe’s album this year imho, really cool to see contrasting versions of confident sex-forward rap from incredibly talented women


I really liked ‘Mumbo Jumbo’ so am on the second listen of

There’s a lot of ideas over its 15 minute (!) run-time, so a lot to let kind of soak in. (I’d buy it tbh, but 11 quid on iTunes for a 15 minute album can piss right off and corporate streaming services are the devil, etc)


another new single from Idles, and an album release date! looks like “Joy As An Act Of Resistance” will drop on August 31st! i am super into the band being even blunter with their politics in this one, one of the secret strengths of punk is that the message gets stronger the more obvious and literal it is


SOPHIE just released her first album today! I’ve been waiting on this for four years and I’m still in disbelief that it’s actually real. If you like very weird, very poppy, very loud electronic music, she’s one of my absolute favorites. Now please excuse me while play “Immaterial” on an endless loop for the rest of time.


The jump from It’s Okay to Cry to Ponyboy is so good.


oh god i forgot this was todayyy


yknow, around halfway through i thought i was gonna make it through that SOPHIE album without bawling and then “Immaterial” hit and i was destroyed and brought back to life

how are y’all feeling about the more melodic songs? even after Its Ok To Cry, i think i expected mostly stuff like Ponyboy/Faceshopping, since those felt like a natural extension of the sound the Product singles had. but this had so much variety!! its really cool to see her put her absurd production skills to use on stuff with riskier structures and more interesting harmony. i really really like this album so far.


I’m really enjoying how varied this album is. The transition between “Immaterial” and “Whole New World” might be my favorite moment in the whole thing. I think it speaks to SOPHIE’s talents as a producer where she’s able to make these poppy ballads/dance numbers and then go right into something so loud and abrasive that I feel like I need a shower after listening – and that dynamic never feels forced or unnatural. It’s unreal how much Oil of… is living up to my irrational expectations for it!


My favourite album of 2018 is probably Soccer Mommy’s Clean. Poppy but with some great instrumentals and some clever lyrics


The new Mary Lattimore album is real good. She does some really interesting stuff with a harp and loops.

I saw her live last month which really drove home how impressive what she is doing is because you get to see her construct this intricate, layered piece entirely out of looping snippets of what she has played earlier in the piece. I thought it was mesmerizing, I’d love to get a live album of her stuff.

The new Actress album is very good as well. He collaborated with the London Contemporary Orchestra and the combination of electronic and production and contemporary classical influences and instrumentation really works for me.

Also I think the new Kanye/Cudi album is great, although I imagine getting super into a Kanye album might be tough for a lot of people right now.


Seeing Mary Lattimore on the 29th, very excited! Hundreds of Days and SOPHIE’s Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides have been my highlights for the year so far.

Of course this joint Jay Z and Beyoncé album just dropped too

And this track from Blackpink has got me excited as well


Can we talk about how good Everything is Love is??? I’ve burned out on Jay-Z over the past 18 years, and while 4:44 was something of a return to form, I’m shocked at how fun and frivolous this collabo record is. Considering that this sprung from the same Lemonade/4:44 sessions, the light, confectionery quality of the songs is doing it for me rn. Speaking of light things, that Common interpolation is perfectly chosen surprise reference to a very old conversation.

In any case, hot weather is coming this week, and at least now I got a brand new soundtrack for it. Thanks, illuminati.


When people say “This Is America” is the best video of 2018, I’m going to politely sit them down in front of this. I’ve gone from “I’m enjoying this” to “I will do anything to watch/listen to this multiple times a day” in less than a week with this album. An absolute stunner.