2018 Music Releases


I’ve had APESHIT on repeat since I first heard it. Bey’s got bars.


The new Lykke Li album is a banger. This one is probably my favorite, but just about every track on the album is solid and the standouts hit really hard.


The Struts new song is pretty amazing. I hope they finally do a second album, it feels like forever since their first one.

If you haven’t heard of The Struts you may have at least heard the lead singer’s voice in that one MGSV trailer with that Mike Oldfield song.

But honestly, they’re just a fun glam rock band and you should listen to them.


Wow there’s some amazing music in here. Thanks to all of you for sharing.





They released it alright, and it’s pretty dang good!

New Covet album out soon:


Snail Mail dropped one of my favorite songs ever back in April and the album just came out a few weeks ago and keeps most of that quality up throughout


I’m excited for this mixtape.


one of my favourite contemporary composers just released a new song, phenomenal stuff


Jaden Smith just dropped “GHOST”, a new track and video, from his upcoming project. It reminds me a lot of his album last year so I’m excited to see if/how his music has changed in the past few months.

Also, I’m very hype that Rico Nasty’s new album was already shared in the thread. If you haven’t already given it a listen I highly recommend, as well as all of her music.


Between Rico Nasty’s “Nasty”, Key’s “777” and Freddie Gibbs’ “Freddie”, Kenny Beats is lowkey outputting at least as much if not more quality work as Kanye has been this summer.


Had this Low song in my head the last few days. Very excited for the new album!


Lush is a fantastic album. She will be in my city at the end of July and the tickets are only $12, really excited to see how she performs live.


Hello everyone, first post on the forums!
I’ve been really enjoying Luna by doon kanda, his second EP:

Really wonderful stuff. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing–and welcome!!


That EP is really good, learning he does all the art for Arca too is really cool to learn!

There is a new Mitski song out, and it is good like everything she records.


newwwww BiSH


new galcher baby!