2018 Music Releases


Death Grips released their new album a week ago and I feel mixed about it at this moment. Here is the album.


The new Let’s Eat Grandma album is very good, wasn’t expecting to like it so much. The last track, Donnie Darko, is one of the best songs I have heard all year.

I only listened to this album today, but the Tropical Fuck Storm album is some good rock music, made up of some of the peeps from The Drones and other Australian musicians it is good rough-around-the-edges music.


This song is so powerful what the hell


Is the new Drake worth listening to at all? I’ve heard there were some great songs on it and he does a lot more R&B but 25 songs is just unecessarily long. I don’t have that much time in my day to devote to Drake.


I found it super tough to listen to after really enjoying how short, concise and focused stuff like Daytona or Nasir was earlier this year (Daytona still being by far the best of those GOOD music releases). There’s a few standouts I guess but the track list really needed to be cut down significantly. Drake is in the business of providing people with Instagram captions in bulk quantity though, so his fan base seems to be super happy with it.

Side note: if you use Spotify, they really REALLY want you to listen to this new Drake album


This Cosmo Sheldrake album came out a few months ago but I had missed it until now. Some quirky songwriting with real kitchen-sink arrangements, almost a circus spirit to them. A lot of fun: https://cosmosheldrake.bandcamp.com/album/the-much-much-how-how-i


New Bullet for my Valentine jam is great! Couple tracks I can’t help but react to every time they pop in! Also, good on Drake for putting out ~12 tracks of only rap and no singing. He’s still got it.


I dig it. If you like singing and rap, I’d shuffle it. If you just want one or the other, you can treat the two halves of the album as two separate albums.


I’ve been obsessing over the new Dirty Projectors stuff. Their most recent release (That’s A Lifestyle) feels like one of the few political songs of this era within the indie space that hasn’t made me cringe (added the indie qualifier since there’s been plenty of work in R&B and rap). It feels thoughtful and oriented around systems rather than goofing on the specifics of our moment.



This is so sinister and dark and unnerving, fuck it’s good. This year is becoming for music what last year was for games, entirely overwhelming

Also this Unknown Mortal Orchestra album came out in like April but I didn’t get around to it until now. Overall pretty disappointing compared to their last release but good god this song is amazing and one of the best they’ve ever made, I can’t get it out my head


Always happy to hear from MF Doom. I really wish he would put out a proper album, but I’ve really enjoyed some of the smaller things he’s popped up with. His Westside Doom tracks from last year turned me onto Westside Gunn, who coincidentally also just put out this absolute banger of an album. Fantastic production throughout and he has such an amazing voice.


@Chebbles I cannot contain my excitement for that new album. Nobody is the perfect melancholy song of the summer.

I don’t think I saw anyone else post about it, so I’ll go ahead. Tierra Whack released a 15 minute album of 15 tracks that are all 1 minute long and it’s absolutely amazing. It’s called Whack World, and she also made a visual album version of it that has some amazing fashion and imagery. Check it out!

I also saw some mention of the Big Freedia EP 3rd Ward Bounce which is an absolute banger and shows that she deserves her title as the queen of bounce. Bomb is my favorite song, but Karaoke with Lizzo is fantastic too (besides the lack of Lizzo rapping).


Listened to this record the most. Really fun mambo album.


@quartermoose I’m really hoping an extended version of Whack World gets a release. I love so much of it but all of the tracks being one minute only takes away from it for me. I listened to it a bunch when it was released but it ends up feeling like you’re just listening to some previews of each track on itunes.

Really really in to this new Charli XCX. I thought ‘5 In The Morning’ was extremely boring so I’m super happy she’s put this out.


Need to give the new stuff a listen. I wasn’t overly keen on the self-titled album (parts I really like and then other parts fall on the wrong side of self-indulgent).


Yes! This is the jam right here


Heck yeah it is! Taking me a while to get through Heaven and Earth, though it took me months to fully love The Epic, so enjoying the slow loving of a new Kamasi album :slight_smile:


My favourite band have a new 'un out, and it’s great as per!


Trans DIY artists putting out the best stuff of 2018 I’m constantly listening to stuff by rook. She dropped this like last week and it’s rad as hell https://rooksfeather.bandcamp.com/album/shed-blood

She also put out an album with dizzy (girls rituals) that kicks ass and has a couple videos


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAJ6ze6lqJ8 My favorite album of the year