2018 Music Releases


Remember Sports’ new album is a treat. If you like Hop Along, Snail Mail or Swearin’ you’ll dig it.


New Dirty Projectors leaked. I’m really really enjoying it. The closing suite of 3-4 songs is so beautiful and bittersweet, it rules.


I am tentatively hyped for new AnCo. I thought Painting With was a bit underrated, but I want something where Avey screams. Give me HCTI 2!


Ran through this entire thread and found six new artists to check out. I’d say that’s a pretty good harvest. Only one drum and bass entry as far as I could see, so I’ll add Calibre’s 2018 album Shelflife 5 to it. Nice and relaxing.


It’s summer y’all…


I’m normally not big on remix albums, but the Dawn Chorus Remixes album is pretty great.

This is a standout track, but the whole thing is pretty great.

Also there is apparently a band call Viagra boys and they just released a song called Sports which has a back half that is basically just shouting “Sports” over and over in an increasingly unhinged way. I like it a lot.

I’ve also been very into Harutosyura from Haru Nemuri which is basically a Jpop album with some poppy punk rock injected. Much like Sports a surprisingly large number of the songs have back halves that are mostly shouting the name of the song over guitars.


Whaaat, how did I miss a new Twilight Sad track?! Thanks for putting this here! It’s been so long, and this still sounds great.

@MarkB That new 春ねむりalbum is pretty good! I think I like her EP more for now, though, アトム・ハート・マザー.

Deafheaven dropped their latest LP, “Ordinary Corrupt Human Love” on Friday and I adore it. Been listening to that and Covet’s “effloresce” a ton, which came out on the same day.


That new song is wonderful, it has been a while since Nobody Wants to… so great that this new song continues to show how great they are. I am very bad at writing about them because of my strong bias to their music and how important it has been to me haha.

Thanks for putting in the Covet song, I have had the album on this morning and it is fantastic! Haven’t heard a math rock-y album in a while that feels so…emotional I guess! Really good :slight_smile:


They’re one of my most listened to, so I think about them in a similar light. I tend to regard them as underrated.

Glad you like the Covet album as well! It’s fairly short, but I feel like its release was really well timed, and it’s fit the summer mood very well.

To keep on-topic a bit, here’s a JYOCHO track from this year I’ve been really enjoying:

It’s got a bit of that midwest emo feel, but out of Japan. From their E.P. “互いの宇宙 e.p”. I don’t know anything about the anime this was used for, but it’s a great track.


I gave アトム・ハート・マザー a listen and while I’d give harutosyura the edge due to my bias towards punk it’s very good. I particularly liked the last 3 tracks.

I’d never heard of Covet before and I’m generally not into Math Rock, but that song you linked is great so I’m definitely going to have to check out more of their stuff.


Lots of love for this thread! Most of it ain’t my thing, but 'sall good anyway.

My 2p:


That Moderator album is California noir-y perfection. I’ve had it on a coupla times to accompany the uncharacteristically sunny summer evenings here in the UK


Really glad I decided to listen to this based on your description of the back half.

Sort of song that makes me wish I had a radio show


That album is the absolute bomb. I so wish I could afford to support her right now.



Braids are the best


really into this new Bandcamp release, Australian prog 3-piece with a tight post-hardcore sensibility. imagine if Protest The Hero was good because they listened to more Iron Maiden


Protest the Hero are good, though


I finally listened to all of Royce da 5’9"'s Book of Ryan, and holy shit, it might be my favorite album so far this year. Intensely personal, evocative, and contemplative, Royce is better than ever here. Definitely check it out. Plus, it’s got Eminem spitting bars without any of his usual problematic shit.


They definitely were, but Scurrilous and onwards? Debatable.