2018 Music Releases


Once every couple of years I find a metal album I really like.

Zeal & Ardor’s Stranger Fruit is one of em


New Cloud Nothings really rips. I think I was a bigger fan of Life Without Sound than most people I know who like the band, but I am excited to hear Dylan scream again.

I am also excited for the new Haiku Salut album, that has been heightened after seeing them play in my home city of Newcastle last Friday where they composed a piece with the Manchester Orchestra of Robots. It was such a cool show to watch, and their music is just very good too. Check them out!


Tyler, The Creator rhyming dealio with Elio >>>>


Some day The Struts will release a song I don’t like. But it aint today.


aw man, i fucked up by not putting the potato salad joint on the thread.


The new Mitski album is an absolute treat, so many ideas crammed into 30 minutes. Recommend it to y’all!


New Joyce Manor song. I just got back into these guys and I’m super excited for this album.

FFO: sad bois crooning.

Edit: Just found this one that was released a bit ago. I think I like it even better than “Think I’m Still in Love with You.”


I’d agree with this, and also like to add that the new Death Cab album that also released this week has been pretty forgettable. Not bad per say, but I don’t find myself wanting to go back like I have with the Mitski album.


Found California Cousins - Distant Relatives the other day on /r/emo. I get the feeling this album’s going to be in my heavy rotation the next few weeks/months. Mom Jeans. shouted them out on Twitter, which is pretty much the only endorsement you should need to hear to instantly put this one on: https://californiacousins.bandcamp.com/album/distant-relatives


Oh man, I’m always up for more from Joyce Manor. Kind of weird to hear them play stuff that feels mellower (even though that’s what they’ve been heading for the last couple albums). I hope they still do some good old fashioned noisy guitars and shouting though. They were so good at it! I mean just listen to this! It’s so good!


Agreed! I still listen to Constant Headache all the time haha.


This will likely turn out to be my favourite rap album of the year. Ka and Animoss are both so talented.


I had heard nothing about this until you mentioned it. Ka’s Honor Killed the Samurai was an excellent album. Unfortunately I’m unfamiliar with Animoss. Can’t wait to listen to this.


I can’t believe i didn’t know this existed. i’ve been on an odd future kick lately, tracking down stuff that i hadn’t heard or didn’t give enough attention to, like early Internet stuff. what’s funny is that most of tyler and earl’s early shit is basically not listenable anymore but syd and matt martian’s work has stood out a lot.

mike g put out award tour which has some solid lyricism that he never seemed to capitalize on. he low key steals the show on oldie.

also hearing left and hodgy try to fit frank into their dynamic is so funny in hindsight but it totally works in astro from numbers.

and i love that domo basically made a whole album from the sound of The Feeling from no idols. that was my favorite track of his back then and looking back, it was totally a prelude to the sound and positivity of genesis.

and also kind of unrelated, but it is surprising how much vince staples was around odd future during that time, always on the periphery, some choice findings from this rabbit hole that i’ve fallen into.


I’m a bit late to Mitski’s latest album but goddamn is it great.


So apparently Sunmi has an album out next month and I’m stoked!



New Idles is out today!


Very excited to find the time to listen to this properly, really really gelled with Brutalism recently.


Kilo Kish put out a new single and it’s incredible.