2018 Music Releases


Hi everyone! I’m new here and just wanted to share a few new finds of mine:

Odetta Hartman: This is the first I’ve heard of this folk artist. Her new album is fantastic, but this song in particular is a trip.

The Beths: Kiwi indie rock/pop with tons of energy and harmonies everywhere.

The Goon Sax: Australian indie rock/pop with some lovely vocal interplay between the two singers.

Nostrum Grocers: the new rap project from milo and Elucid, you could almost mistake this song for a forgotten 90s gem, if not for its references to the Star Wars prequels.


Ka is an absolutely fantastic lyricist and his latest project (a collaboration with producer Animoss under a different name) is a remarkable achievement. Beautiful, varied production and super dense with wordplay and unbelievably clever bars throughout.

He manages to weave these stories of his rough upbringing together with themes and tales from Greek mythology in a super engaging, heartfelt way. His delivery has this understated, haunting, cold-blooded quality to it that I think might take some getting used to for a lot of people but it works for me and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. My favorite album of the year so far, and it’s not really even close.

EDIT: saw someone posted this earlier in the thread as well, whoops. Consider this an enthusiastic second endorsement!


I’ve always respected Ka’s music more than I’ve connected with it, but this record has been killing me lately. Definitely my favorite album of the year at this point in the year. It’s just so sharply observed and deeply felt. If there was any justice, 2019 would be the second year in a row that a rapper wins a Pulitzer.

Also loving right now: Spiritualized’s newest record. It’s streaming on NPR this week. This is an especially genteel release by their standards, far fewer raveups (or comedowns) than normal, replaced with a transcendent sense of happiness and love. As a long-time Van Morrison stan, I never expected this much overlap between J Spaceman and Van the Man, but the back half of this album is positively beatific, preaching love as religion. It’s maybe a little too sweet at times, but as the kids say, it’s hitting right now.


This happened and none of y’all said anything? :smiley:


Golden Fleece is a triumph


Another new Twilight Sad song, also really good!

Also, been listening to Grouper as I work, forgot how good Grid of Points was, feel even better about it a few months later. Liz Harris can do no wrong in my eyes, I love her music so much.


Low has a new album coming out, Double Negative, and it’s extremely weird. Low are a ‘slowcore’ band who usually work with melancholic, gorgeous dual vocals over sparse guitar, bass, and drums. Their new album is much more focused on electronic instrumentation, distortion, and looping, and it works. Low is always, always haunting, but this sounds like a haunting.

The full album can be streamed here


Thank you for the Beths recommendation! I’ve been listening to them nonstop over the past few days. Soooo good.


Listened through it a few times yesterday and haven’t felt so immediately amazed by an album in a long time. Have to see if it retains the magic, but it was a very wonderful and strange thing to listen for the first time.


I feel like as a New Jersey native I’m supposed to recoil at the thought of anyone trying to cover Springsteen tracks, but what Soccer Mommy’s done here with this one is impressive. Seen it getting her a whole lot of buzz too which is cool.


Low are a band I’ve always been trying to get into but never quite managed to (I’m a huge fan of very similar bands like Yo La Tengo and [the arguably more “difficult”] Labradford). Very tempted to see them playing near me, even so.


New Julia Holter single, and new album in October. She is amazing, and this is amazing.


can’t believe I posted in this thread and didn’t share this myself

she is indeed the absolute best


One of the few artists I feel has never released anything underwhelming, she just seems to kill it every time.


They’re magical and even a little fun live, I highly recommend it! Sparhawk is an extremely confident, soulful performer. The most listenable Low album IMO is Drums & Guns, but it’s also the most different (mostly drum machine, rather than live instrumentation - and kind of fun, despite the themes!). My favorite traditional Low album is Things We Lost in the Fire. They’re like…the MOODIEST band, so I often don’t feel like listening to them, but Sparhawk’s and Parker’s voices are always fuckin enchanting.


Funny story about this (and I’ll have to give it a proper listen), but I do own this album but have never really engaged with it because my old headphones were playing up around the time I got it, and - of course - this album more than many others uses panning in quite a distinctive way, iirc

Belarus is an absolute beaut as well, of course


Holy shit, I didn’t even know Spirtualized was working on a new album. This is very exciting.

Between that, the new Low Album and finding out about Nostrum Grocers and Ka’s new thing (both of those tracks sound great) I’m feeling overwhelmed with good stuff. Particularly with new Tim Hecker and Julia Holter albums on the horizon.

The new Yves Tumor album is pretty great as well. It wasn’t at all what I was expecting. It’s kinda poppy? But in a noisy/jazzy way that reflects his past work.


This shit hits hard. Shaping up to be a great year for hip-hop and there’s so many more artists dropping stuff this year I can barely keep up


yo honestly as I wrote that I was like “please dont end up saying you’re gonna pop on some headphones and give it a go” because the mixing, with vocals and instrumentation split to the left and right channels, is the worst mixing for headphones that I’ve ever heard in my life


Didn’t know who Yves Tumor was on Friday, have gone through this album three times since then. I love the last track in particular. Have to venture back to their other music!