2018 Music Releases


hey pals are you ready for a new kylie minogue single because I sure am


i am EXTREMELY into this single. apparently the album is going to sound like it, too. i am ready!


Lil Skies put out a mixtape earlier this month and i’ve heard people say it’s really good, and it’s apparently been kind of blowing up. I have sort a weird relationship with that, because I super am not into the Soundcloud rapper style, but he was in my high school graduating class, so I feel sort of obligated to give it a shot out of Waynesboro solidarity.


Few bands I like have records coming out soon. One of those is Ought, if you’re not familiar check out “Today More Than Any Other Day”. I wasn’t hot on the first single but the new one is pretty good, though they all tend to be growers:

Also, Superchunk, aka the most consistently solid rock band ever (??) First single is typically great, can’t wait to hear more:


It dropped and it’s real good.


Adult Swim Singles reputation for delivering continues into 2018

Speaking of whom, that Kevin Shields and Brian Eno collab has got me so excited (or even more excited than I already would have been) for the MBV album that is (allegedly) supposed to come out this year


nEW MBV?! . I didn’t even know! Thank you for giving me the gift of knowledge.


Kevin played a show at Sigur Ros’s festival and said there’d be a new album out this year. The band seem to have scheduled a few shows as well. Anyone’s guess whether they’ll keep to schedule though, of course.


Hop Along just announced a new album, and I’m psyched; Frances Quinlan is, for my money, one of the best singers working today!


I’ve been immensely pleased by the latest mixtape from Domo Genesis. It’s a very chill sound.


“I thought I came but I peed on the dick”


Moody ambient treat from Johnny Jewel. Some FEZ/Hyper Light Drifter vibes.


Their debut album just dropped. Highly recommend it, it’s great.


So JPEGMAFIA’s new album Veteran dropped and it’s the noise-rap we so desperately need between Death Grips-releases.

But where is Austin Walkers Waypoint-article about why JPEGMAFIA named one song “My Thoughts on Neogaf dying” on the album? :thinking:


Hey folks! Joined the forum to post this, but I’ve been with Waypoint since the beginning.

Anyway, as for 2018 music I like that I haven’t seen mentioned here, there’s, Spirits, the latest single from Eric Nally, the singer from Foxy Shazam. That’s been stuck in my head. I’m not sure how I’m gonna like the forthcoming album, but the man is talented, and this is a very fun video. YouTube Link

I’ve been a fan of GosT’s retrowave music since I first heard it in 2015, and the teaser for this year’s album is pretty good if you’re into synths that’ll straight-up lobotomize you. YouTube Link

I’m gonna make two posts since I can only have two links per post ATM.


And, since about 2007, I’ve been a huge fan of the prog metal prowess of Between the Buried and Me. They are still at it, and just put a new song out this past week. I can’t even imagine the skill required to play this style of music. YouTube Link

And, as a bonus, since I wasn’t posting last year when this came out, but last year, one of my favorite bands, Polkadot Cadaver, put out their 4th album. They are a band I can’t explain that easily, but if you’re open to weird-ass music, check out their most recent and very first albums. It’s got some stuff in common with Mr. Bungle and other Avant-Garde music, if you want to call it that. Here’s a sample song. YouTube Link

I hope some of you can find something you like in my suggestions!


Between ‘My Thoughts on Neogaf Dying’ and ‘I Cannot Fucking Wait Until Morrisey Dies’ this JPEGMAFIA album has the best song titles of 2018 award locked down I reckon.


new Palm album! full stream up on NPR


This song dropped in my discover weekly on Spotify and it is extremely my aesthetic for 2018.


new chvrches!!