2018 Music Releases


Yeah that last track is incredible, it’s probably my favorite off the album. I’ve listened to the whole thing a bunch, but I’ve listened to the last track and Recognizing the Enemy about a million times already.

Yves Tumor’s old stuff is good, but it’s very different, a lot less vocal and structure. It’s still good stuff, but part of what makes this new album exciting for me is that it’s a pretty big departure.



Yves’ new album is excellent and got me to go back to their previous work. this track has me all fucked up.


Richard Dawson (English singer-songwriter) and his band Hen Ogledd have a new album coming, and this song is so good and fun. I remember their older stuff being more noisy and improvisational, so this song is quite different. Sounds great though.


I’m real late to the party on this one but Lucy Dacus’ album from earlier this year, Historian, is so goddamn good.


This new Noname album is really good, y’all!




i know someone posted it a few days ago…

but that Low album’s quite something, huh?


sounds like richard d. james has been on a footwork bend lately!! really love his take on it


Where the fuck is that new Vampire Weekend album?


Pale Waves’ first full album My Mind Makes Noises just came out. It’s really good, I especially felt I should post it in here though because it was a post in this thread that introduced them to me.


Pretty great to see Idles on Jools Holland in the UK, it isn’t something I watch too often anymore but it was fun to see them just having a great time on there, The new album is so good and positive.

Other good releases I have enjoyed

“>>>” by Beak> - just some good head bobbing music. Don’t know how to describe it, lots of driving beats and good rhythms!

Room 25 by Noname - really good, all I have to say. Favourite rap album of the year.


the new hecker has arrived and it does sound a lot like Mandy’s soundtrack, which, hey, not a bad thing.


Picking this up tomorrow hopefully. New Hecker is always a thrilling prospect


This is very chill pop that feels perfect for the light of late summer. It would make for great driving music, and while it very much isn’t this it has the qualities of really excellent 80s Japanese city pop.


Woolen Men- “Brick Horizon,” from their new album Post. Woolen Men are a really great guitar rock band who make songs really reminiscent of 80s indie rock and post-punk. If you like this, you should definitely listen to their 2015 album Temporary Monument, it has some great tracks.


Came here to tell y’all about about the new Yves Tumor album but uh it looks like you are all on top of things in this thread and I was the one who was sleeping on him.

But anyway, the new Yves Tumor. It’s great.


let me be your angel fire


it’s a fkn beaut btw


Every once in a while the gods see fit to grant you a dream artist collaboration, and you’re left with the best, funkiest, most irresistible bop of the year so far