2018 Music Releases


I thought of Sheck Wes as just a guilty pleasure but I’m now blown away by how much I’m digging his first LP MUDBOY.


It’s really good, heard it this morning. I don’t know too much about Anderson .Paak but I’ve heard Bubblin’ and I’m listening to Malibu after listening to Tints this morning. He’s pretty good!


The new Fucked Up album is :+1:


just started in on the new Four Fists full-length, a collaboration between Astronautalis and P.O.S. I’m not as familiar with P.O.S. as I am with Astronautalis, who fucking rules, but this album has informed me: P.O.S. also fucking rules. The production so far is phenomenal and EXTREMELY dense in a way that indie hip-hop often fails to be, and both are fierce on the mic. I’m into it


St Vincent has released a stripped back piano version of Masseduction called MassEducation and I am blown away. I say stripped back but some parts seem so much richer than the original.


It’s very good, Annie can do no wrong currently.

Edit: I got to see Mono last week, and they were incredible. They have a new song out which is also great.


Whoaaaa, is it me, or is there a significant lack of Justice in here?

Fresh off the heels of their album Woman last year, they’re back again with Woman Worldwide, filled some awesome ass remixes of tracks from their last album and mashups with some of their older stuff.



sheck wes is for real. kid has a lot to say but he couches it so well between the artful restraint n the sheer intensity. if he stays hungry he could be huge. definitely in my top 10 of the year so far

in other news, high on fire’s new album rips, what a surprise! idk if i like it as much as i loved the new sleep album but it’s still rock solid


i think Denzel Curry’s TA13OO has been a huge surprise for me this year. the album’s flow and concept are executed on so well, it’s an absolute triumph imo. he manages to push himself creatively in every direction at once and tighten and choreograph it perfectly across 13 tracks. it’s an album where he goes harder on his horrorcore elements than he has in ages but he also proves that he can write an incredibly tight Pop Song!! i’m so impressed with it


haven’t seen this posted yet so: Room 25 by Noname dropped about a month ago and I’m just getting to it. It’s very good:


her flow reminds me a lot of early Lyrics Born - super laid back, soft, smooth, but blindingly fast. i love the new record!


I was uncertain of this but the change of energy at the halfway mark made me wanna throw a stack of papers on the ground

Pretty good.



This new OPN song is just dropped and thankfully it sounds like the album art.

I’m sure y’all had long days, treat yourselves and be a dolphin for four minutes.


The Struts new album hit today. I’m enjoying it? I dunno I don’t think it’s as good as their first one but it’s still good.


The new album from Julia Holter, Aviary, is an absolute beautiful stunner of a beast. Don’t miss out.


Oh shit I completely forgot that Robyn’s new album also hits today. Started listening to it and it seems great so far \o/


So ok ok, this is gonna be a long one, but the albums keep coming and I keep adding in spotify. Gonna keep it positive and quick! Hope you guys find something new and good!

All Them Withches - ATW (Bluesy rock outta Nashville that I totally missed until 10 mins ago that they had a new album out. The churned out one of my favorites from 2017 and I stoked to hear more from them)

Miserable - Loverboy / Dog Days (Kristina Esfandiari is finally out with a longer release under her Miserable moniker and its full of hazy, shoegazey rock loveliness)

Swearin’ - Fall into the Sun (Being a fan of Katie Crutchfield and Waxahatchee I’d heard of Swearin’ (made by her twin sister Allison) but not fully taken the time to listen. The band has apparently reformed and I’m very glad they did cause they make some wonderfully driving 90’s tinged indie rock)

Daughters - You Won’t Get What You Want (Daughters are back! Their first album in 8 years they return to make a darker stranger album that I haven’t fully wrapped my head around just yet. But I’m very glad to have their specif brand of noise rock back)

Kikagaku Moyo - Masana Temples (Everyone favorite Japanese psychedelic rock band is back. The band has always had a knack for writing superb melodies but I’d found their album could be a little inconsistent before but Masana Temples has been holding my attention through and through. The band might have clicked a bit more with me after seeing them live last year where they were superb)

Younge Jesus - The Whole Thing Is Just There (I had almost forgot about these guys until I saw Pitchfork review this here album and it’s been a nice return. John Rossiter vocals remind be a lot of Matt Berninger’s but applied to straight up 90’s indie and emo but recorded in a more jam friendly manner. It works surprisingly well.

SASAMI - Not The Time / Callous (I was late to party with this one. SASAMI (Solo outing by Cherry Glazer member Sasami Ashworth) realsed a 7’inch back in April and I gotta thanks Mitski for pointing me towards her on Insta. An album is on the horizon and I can’t wait. Yet another 90’s indie rock sound but very well crafted with oh so mellifluous synth lines)

Mid-Air Theif - Crumbling (My favorite release on this entire list. I’m just gonna borrow the words from the list where I first found the band. Written over at Tinymixtapes by Reggi MT for their Best of third Quarter list “Crumbling by South Korea’s Mid-Air Thief is a masterpiece of autumn psychedelia. It may not quite transcend its influences, but that’s hardly the point. The album is the enchanting sound of a million fireflies lighting your way home through the forest, everything fragmented by this rotten world coming together again as one fantastically buzzing ecosystem. Put this thing on, walk outside, and breathe the crisp air of some idealized forest clearing, so many golden oranges and yellows”

Gouge Away - Burnt Sugar (Energetic hardcore punk outta Fort Lauderdale that excel to create catchy tunes. Also that album art and album name is solid.)

Lala Lala - The Lamb (Ok so second to last and it’s even more indie rock, this time by way of Chicago. Lillie West has created one of my favorite choruses of the year so far and you shoud hear it too)

Viagra Boys - Street Worms (Ending on a less serious note I feel a lot of buzz around Viagra Boy here in Sweden (they’re from Stockholm) and it is not unwarranted. Their lead single “Sports” got a BNT over at pitchfork and I feel like the song could soon be co-opted by a wrestler and turn out a hit not unlike “Big Time” by The Soundtrack of our lives (whom they do remind me of a little). Anyways this garage rock song is exceedingly easy to appreciate and is just plain fuuuun. Plus the deep drawl I feel fitting to these red dead redemption days we are in!)


Solid punk along the lines of Magazine:

Chairman Maf is a consistently high quality instrumental hip-hop bloke:

I don’t even know what this is. Jazz? Soul? Punk?


Carly Rae is back y’all (NSFW)