2018 Music Releases


I still haven’t played Celeste, but I’m having such a soothing time listening to this album of peaceful rearrangements!!


A few of my faves from the last few weeks:

Gabby’s World - Beast on Beast: Some nice indie pop stuff, this song in particular is a great earworm.

Jessica Pratt - This Time Around: Her voice is just beautiful.

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs - King of Cowards: Hey, another band that has the Sabbath-y doomy guitars and rock, but they are super good! Maybe because they are local, but seeing them support the Oh Sees they are a very good groovy doom metal band.

Adrianne Lenker - abysskiss: Another wonderful voice who just continues to write amazing songs.


1: A bop.
2: lmao, that product placement though.


New Vince Staples:


Neon Akali is extremely cool and has the best part of that song. If her KDA skin actually had the neon it would probably trick me into playing LOL again, despite the fact that playing any sort of MOBA generally just makes me less happy.

Anyways I’ve been really into the new Daughters album and Emma Ruth Rundle.

I was driving through the Appalachians at dusk yesterday while listening to On Dark Horses and it fit the mood extremely well.


two favorites of mine from the year that I didn’t see get mentioned on here:

Guerilla Toss - Twisted Crystal
(funky post-punk on DFA Records - they’ve been on a steady kick of putting out a killer album every year for the past couple of years and this one hasn’t broken that streak)

Pink Navel - Born on the Stairs
(raps about being nonbinary, Steven Universe, their family and friends, etc and I think are a part of Ruby Yacht - Milo’s whole label)


new Earl Sweatshirt! i love the sampling on this, very impressively layered


I’m been really into the new Daughters album.

The new JPEGMAFIA track is fantastic as well.

While it’s not a Music Release exactly I’ve been really loving Tetris Effect and the music is a big part of that.


The Daughters album is good, great even! I cannot listen to it too much, the first track creates such an amazing sense of dread I find it tough going. It is fantastic though!

I only just found out Meg Baird and Mary Lattimore have an album out, it is lovely!


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New(ish) Ichiko Aoba album has been perfect listening for fall walks.


This song is loud and I like it.