2018 Music Releases


y’all i am deep in my feelings today and listening to the most recent Mount Eerie record for the first time and hoo boy

this is an experience.


alright folks it is THAT time of year again!! chart time!! here’s my top 42 albums of 2018

and you can make your own chart here: https://www.neverendingchartrendering.org/


I still have a bunch of albums I’ve been meaning to listen to but for now here’s my somewhat-but-not-really-ordered list.


I edited it down to 15 because there were so many on my top 40 that I didn’t have really strong feelings about.

I also cheated and put Carla Morrison’s Amor Supremo Desnudo on there even though it came out in 2017. In my defense, I didn’t hear it until January of this year and have listened to at least one song from it every week since.


Cut it down to 25 to just include the stuff I really liked. It was a good year for games and music it turns out

Edit: also just wanted to shout out all the people in this thread for posting such good stuff btw. I would have never known about the Beths or Sudan Archives otherwise. You all have great taste and you’re doing important work


Wow, I hadn’t heard anyone talk about Saba’s album, but I guess it is universally adored?


It’s one of the most emotionally charged albums I heard this year. It’s heartbreaking and lonely and hard to listen to in a way really few rap albums are


Lmao, I didn’t even notice it was on your lists until you said that! The cover is really dark, so it’s hard to see as a smaller thumbnail :joy:

CARE FOR ME is all killer, no filler! Each song is rich with impecable word play and flow, along with a wide range of emotions. I also think it’s sequenced really well. It feels like a cohesive whole in a way few albums do these days.


This isn’t new but Sorry To Bother You finally came out in the UK this month and after seeing it (I loved it) I’ve been listening to a lot of The Coup (the director’s band, who did the soundtrack.)

I think it was a 2018 release? I’m not sure what the US release dates were.


Caught this on an Adult Swim montage of Dream Corp LLC.


I hadn’t heard of Grand Salvo before but a review comparing their new album to Carrie & Lowell got my attention and the music certainly sounds pretty interesting: In The Water


Saw a pick of Merrill Garbus (did the score, singer/songwriter for Tune-Yards) in the studio with Lyrics Born and Lateef (absolute Oakland hip-hop LEGENDS like two of the best rappers who ever fuckin lived) talking about recording an OST and I haven’t been more excited for a soundtrack release in a long ass time


So this came out in May and I totally missed it then but it might be my favourite heavy album of the year!!

FFO: Deafheaven, CTTS, GSY!BE, and Envy

They put out a cover an Envy song today and it made me cry tbh

They released an artists statement about the cover which I’ve copied below:

Paying tribute to Envy’s “Go Mad And Mark” quickly became more than doing just a cover. I grew up in Japan after leaving my home country of Albania, and Japanese was my second language — a language I lost after coming to Canada in 2001.

Our (myself and Rohan’s) first-gen immigrant background drives to the very core of who we are as people, artists, community organizers, and members. Coming to North America, our place as young immigrants in the 2000s was complicated by rising nationalist anti-immigrant, anti-muslim rhetoric. As we’ve come to face this brand of hate directly in 2018 (in our community and online, in the form of threats, intimidation, and trolling) we’re continuously reminded of our place as immigrants in our own country.

The thing is, we won’t be shamed for being immigrants. Our parents’ immigrant story is one of courage, sacrifice, and strength in overcoming the unyielding alienation / isolation / struggles of diaspora. We wanted to shed light on this experience and stand proud as immigrants.


In no particular order:

There’s probably a bunch more that I’d put on, but money and stuff…


Alright here’s mine, in no particular order (but also kinda ordered from favourite descending.)
I think these were all 2018? I might have fucked up and included something from last year.


I couldn’t really settle for a Top 10. Pretty amazing year for music imo.


I am late to this, but I have been listening to the remixed version of High Times by Washed Out:


This was a really late release in the year but Ed Harrison, the guy behind NEOTOKYO’s OST and some of the songs on Deus Ex Mankind Divided’s OST, released a new album called 0edit that is really good.