2018 Music Releases


They get super 80s synthy in this one and I am so pleased about that.


I came upon this band by chance, because they’re playing near me in June. Going to listen to as little of the new album as possible in the hopes of buying it off 'em at the show (probably rinse everything else on their Bandcamp in the interim).

Very Deerhoof-ish, in that really kinetic and really “sunny” (hence why I’m glad I’ll be seeing them in June) kind of way.


I saw Passion Pit!


I saw Pup and The Menzingers last night, it was fucking awesome! Lead guitar was too quiet on Pup, but they put on an awesome show, cannot recommend seeing them enough.


Some new albums I’ve been enjoying.

Really interesting take on Monk.


i’ve been catching up on some 2017 re-issues.


WARNING: They Might Be Giants are making music with microtones now and it’s a whole lot


Anyone into Allie X? She’s got some cool pop stuff ala CHVRCHES and Ellie Goulding. Her lyrics are fun and very honest, a real change from boring/soulless pop we get from Lady Gaga and Katy Perry


Thai artist Pyra released a new track this year that I love:

I also like Run It with Jay Park, Jessi, and Woo Won Jae. It’s basically a Nike ad and Olympics hype, but still slick. Jessi’s verse is my favorite part! And the video has a lot of cool people in it:


Dessa (of Doomtree) has a new album coming out in a couple weeks and she’s released a few tracks from it already, yesterday’s being my favourite.


Oh man I didn’t know there was a new album from her on the way and now I am excited.



I finally got around to putting on this whole album and I am Very Into it. Reminds me of Sleater-Kinney.


old stuff again. can’t believe i missed this last year


I’m mixed on the Black Panther album, but this song and video are VERY good.


This is really, really good experimental blackened noise (or whatever you want to call it). Very similar to some of Locrian’s earlier releases.


Well I’ll be damned: The Wombats put out a new album, and it is pretty dang good! I’m only a few tracks in but Cheetah Tongue is a pretty strong start:

(hell of a music video too)


Don’t like this new 30 Seconds to Mars track

they went from decent emo rock to flat out pop


Has really no one posted the new Mount Eerie song? I hope you people haven’t missed it!


It’s so good. I’ve managed to listen to ACLAM about five times all the way through despite loving it. I wonder how much easier of a listen this one will be.