2018 Music Releases


I’ve been listening to The Orielles’ debut album Silver Dollar Moment and damn, this might be one of if not my favorite 2018 release so far. Super fun and catchy indie pop.

Also been enjoying A Hundrum Star by GoGo Penguin. Very slick sounding instrumental sort of electronic influenced jazz-rock.


this is amazing. thanks.


I still haven’t listened to A Crow Looked At Me yet (I’ve heard it’s as emotionally devastating as one would expect given the circumstances). Elverum is definitely one of those artists I have a lot of time for (his “M.O.” of “DIY” music with a clear ambition beyond sounding homemade (if that makes sense) has been a huge influence on my own music), though the size of his back catalogue is sometimes pretty daunting.


Kelpe’s new ep is awesome.


More Courtney Barnett!

Also it’s been mentioned here already but man that JPEGMAFIA album is something else


It’s not out yet but this right here has my fucking attention. Janelle Monáe is fucking rad.


So one of my favourite bands put out a single from their upcoming album and I’m pretty stoked on it!


The new U.S. Girls album is extremely good.

Also I second (or third or whatever) the recommendation of that new JPEGMAFIA album, it’s wild.


We are blessed on this day:

Good lord this is immensely good.


new James Blake track!


This? Is my shit. I wonder if this is still in the Cindi Mayweather series.


New Zealand country artist Marlon Williams put out an album thats sorta hopping on that melancholy ridden but still fun surf rock train! Its nice and I like it a lot. If you like The Growlers, Buttertones or Mac Demarco, you would probably like this!

And a favorite band of mine, oldsoul, which is a female fronted indie pop rock outfit from Massachusetts put out a new album! Its also really good!


Screaming Females drops a new album tomorrow. I’m fucking psyched.


I don’t think she’s said one way or the other, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was.



Janelle high key really went and released the Bisexual Anthem didn’t she


whoa holy shit a new Screaming Females album!!! That’s awesome I didn’t know it was coming.

In other news: this just dropped!


I’ll make you sorry is sooooo gooooooooood!


Car Seat Headrest’s re-recorded and reworked Twin Fantasy dropped the other day and it’s really well done. There is something lost in the process of making it sound less like the messy, raw bandcamp release from seven years ago that I’m used to but it’s still a joy to listen to


It’s fucking great, and the 4 tracks I’ve heard so far are really solid. It’s supposed to be a double-LP, so it’ll be interesting to see if they can keep the pace up for the whole album.


This latest SOPHIE track has my expectations for her upcoming album through the damn roof!