2018 Music Releases


God I was confused when they dropped the album re-release. I just assumed spotify had broken again. I’m lowkey peeved too because they’re meant to be playing my city this weekend and I found out too late to get/afford a ticket, and considering how middle-of-fucking-nowhere this hole is I doubt they’ll be back for a while :frowning_face:

Anyway, I’ve had the new Ball Park Music album, Good Mood, pretty much on loop. I can’t find the opening song from it on youtube which is a shame since it’s one of my faves, along side

Alongside that, I’ve been jamming to Tiny Little Houses new album with what is pretty much my favourite songs, Entitled Generation and Garbage Bin because theyre basically peak mood.


Oh yeah 100%. It’s so goddamn good.


Really psyched to see Iceage back!


Vundabar’s new Album is very, very good.

These guys have popped up on Spotify every once in awhile and I’ve always liked their Stuff. Holy Toledo has been on multiple playlists for a minute. But I think this new album is going to push me over the edge and start seriously following them.


Oh, man! Been a fan of her since I first heard Bruno is Orange back in High School. An artist who seems to get exponentially better with each new album she puts out.


She really does! I only heard about Hop Along when Painted Shut came out, but damn if she isn’t my favorite singer. Her whole style of destroying her vocal cords in order to add just the right amount of pathos to a line always gets me. There’s definitely a few other singers who do a similar style (e.g. Sinead O’Connor, Sia, David Longstreth, Jeff Mangum), but I think Quinlan does it better than anyone else.

I’m finally going to see them live when they tour for this new album, and I haven’t been so excited for a show in a long, long time!


So you know that thing when you listen to and album only cause the album art caught your eye and turns out it’s great, well:

The whole album is just really well produced and has and a plethora of interesting ideas and poppy hooks. Supposedly “as much inspired by Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears as it was late '70s punk.” and it really works, and at times totally reminds me of Haim (whom also would fit that description) except more indie rock.


This Kero Kero Bonito track and video is fun and catchy and also scares the shit out of me a bit


~new parquet courts~

sounds like Andrew’s bringing back his hardcore punk roots.


Kosmische Music from Austin


I’m not super familiar with Ndegeocello but I’ve really been enjoying Comet, Come To Me lately, so I was excited to see her putting out new stuff!


oh wow this cover is incredibly touching… Meshell and Prince have some personal history that adds to the weight of this as a tribute. she has a good interview from 2014 where she discusses it


Wow, I didn’t know any of this! I wasn’t familiar with this song beforehand (I don’t know Prince very well). Thank you so much for enlightening me


another advance single from the upcoming Young Fathers album! god i can’t wait for this to come out


thanks so much for posting in this thread, everyone.


What the fuck is up 2018?


Hey y’all! Long time first (of hopefully many) time! Just wanted to drop in and say this thread is amazing and you’ve all kept me stocked with great new music so thank you! Also I figured I’d contribute, my partner sent me this song this morning and I’ve had it on loop ever since!


Mick Jenkins has been very quietly dropping a whole bunch great tracks this year. Still one of my favorite rappers out there right now


RTJ did a remix of Lorde’s Supercut


I love Parquet Courts, but fuck if I don’t really miss Teenage Cool Kids.