2018 Music Releases


Reallllly excited about something new from Architects. ‘Doomsday’ was a hit, so I’m hoping they can continue that fantastic songwriting they’ve had over the career (okay, The Here And Now wasn’t so good).


fuck me too, were you in denton/dallas during that time? the DIY scene during that time was incredible.


This is perfect for making chili on a sunny afternoon. You can also stream the entire album over at NPR.


Unfortunately not, but I did catch them on what I think was their final tour when they played Philly with Algernon Cadwallader. I was sorta bummed because they kept to things from Denton After Sunset, with one or two off of Foreign Lands.

I can’t imagine how much fun it would have been to see them in the Queer Salutations days.


Money and Jeannie Becomes A Mom off this album have been getting heavy play from me since it released

Superorganism’s album is out today! Ive been following them since their sporadic single releases last year and their full album doesnt disappoint.


Never heard of Caroline Rose before but I am glad that is no longer the case.


A serpentwithfeet debut album coming out in June? With collabs from Clams Casino and Katie Gately? Hell yes!


The new Camp Cope album is out. It’s real good. It pulls a similar trick to their last one by pulling me in with very good angry music and then doing an emotional 180 and leaving me extremely sad right at the end.

I’ve also been really digging the new Soccer Mommy album. Your dog is probably the standout song, but the whole thing is really great. I think I learned about both these bands from this thread actually.

I’d also recommend Nicholas Jaar’s new album. He’s put it out under one of his aliases (A.A.L) seemingly because it’s a more straightforward sound that what he normally goes with. It’s real good, I particularly love This Old House Is All I Have.

If you aren’t familiar with his other stuff you should absolutely check out Sirens, Space is Only Noise and Darkside which are all very good.


A new blackgaze (black metal + shoegaze) album came out recently by a band called Asunojokei. Knew nothing about it before hand, but it’s hooked me right quick.


The announcement of new Beach House and Grouper albums promises that 2018 will be a good year for haunting, dreamy music. My wallet shall take a battering, for sure.


holy shit, there’s a new grouper album coming out in 2018??!?


new mammoth grinder is killer:

Paysage D’hiver newest release is atmospheric spooky black metal, as per usual:


a$ap ant kills this EP, it’s on Spotify.


curren$y killing it as usual, spotify as well.


also for all of you punks, listen to these kids keeping the Texas punk tradition alive. their new album can be streamed on spotify.


the holodeck comp is coming out next week and it’s going to be fire emoji


The new Young Fathers album, Cocoa Sugar, is out, feel like I’ve gotta rep it as pretty much my only local band to get any traction, plus they’re super good. Loved the singles (esp. In My View, one of my favourites of 2018 so far), on first listen I don’t know if I’m super sold on the album beyond that though.

Also everyone listen to MarkB and check out that Nicolas Jaar side project, it’s faaaantastic. More straightforwardly deep house-y, ‘dance music’-y than a lot of his more progressive and abstract work but still some of the densest, funkiest, sunniest, most imaginative sample work this side of The Avalanches or J Dilla. Jaar is of the most consistently great musicians of this decade, for sure.


def will do, I love everything nicolas jaar is involved with and I hope someday we’ll see a new darkside LP


Yep! Sneak announced by Kranky yesterday


Beach House has released a whole lot of music that I find ranges from meh to pretty good so this song is something special. The second half of this track is incredible, maybe the most captivating piece of music I’ve heard from them, and gives me hope they’ll start moving out of their comfort zone in the future.


this song is one of the better songs I’ve heard from them. looking forward to this release.


The new Vince Staples single is incredible, that is all. Get The Fuck Off My Dick - Vince Staples (Spotify)