2018 Music Releases


My headcanon for this is Beach House are subbing David Lynch for not having them on Twin Peaks: The Return.


Only run through this once so far, but this seems lovely.
Edit: should say, it’s math rock, kind of in the same vein as TTNG.


Released in March 17th 2018, with the theme:child abuse.


This album dropped out of nowhere for me and has me utterly floored (and also on the floor so to speak :wink: ).

Fishdoll is a Chinese musician - probably the first I’ve ever heard - and I have a feeling that this album is a herald of things to come. There must be countless incredible musicians in China, covering every genre and pushing boundaries, but only now have I heard one whose music has crossed into my sphere and completely blown me away.

Noonsense is (for want of a better way to describe it) like the best imagining of Los Angeles/Cosmogramma Flying Lotus with Little Dragon and Koop, and hints of so much else. They’re only adjectives however, and Fishdoll has done something incredible here. It flows wonderfully between thoughtful, psychedelic ambience to electronic jazz to trancey trip-hop, and with no jarring moments.

I seriously can’t rave hard enough about this. Easily my album of the year so far.


new single from the Quelle Chris & Jean Grae album! really loving the sound of the album, and Chris did an incredible job on this video (animated entirely by him! the video description has more info)


Just came to post this, it’s so good. I’m hoping they keep this relationship going.


The new Nipsey Hussle album is great. One of the best super west coast albums I’ve heard in a while

I’m loving this Jay-Z sample right now.


Digging it! Great find.

Personally I’ve been really enjoying Hey Elbow’s new album C0C0C0 released this past firday.

Heavily enjoyed their last album but I think this is even better. Experimental pop who sonically kind of sound like Beach House but with horns and more of a jazz influence.


Iceage got Sky Ferreira on the new album? what the fuck? i dunno how into it i am yet but it’s cool to see them try such a different sound


I have no words for how excited this fucking thing has made me. This album might end up being the best MF DOOM collaboration since DANGERDOOM and I’ve been pretty into the stuff he’s done since then. This, though…

That fucking beat. That fucking flow. It’s all SO GOOD.


new single from Busdriver! really claustrophobic production on this, kind of a new spin on his sound


Found out about Band-Maid today. Really good stuff.


Yo, that new Jack White album is weird. But good weird. Blasted my nips off


This new Rich The Kid single is pretty solid and caught me by surprise, as someone who paid attention to trap but didn’t think much of him at first. I love how space-y the instrumental is on this track without feeling empty, and how Rich the Kid actually rides it pretty well. I know it’s not necessarily in the Waypoint wheelhouse but I think it’s a good listen for trap fans.

Also, I never would have guessed it was a DJ Mustard beat on first listen. It’s so different from him previous, more famous production.


Hop Along released a new single today! :smiley:

I can’t get over how much I continue to adore Quinlan’s subtle, playful inflections in her vocal lines. This track also – I think – shows a great maturation in her lyricism (I especially enjoy the juxtaposition between the greedy, bullying bluejay and the strained relationship dynamics between her and the distant partner/friend).


Don’t know if this is everyone’s cup of tea, but Low Cut Connie is one of the better live shows I’ve ever seen. I’d recommend them for anyone who is into earnest, straight-up rock-and-roll.


This is actually a 2017 release that I somehow missed the existence of, but I can’t not share it. It’s a bit like the Lawrence Arms, but fronted by a lady:


Making up for my sins (i.e. putting a 2017 release in this thread) let’s talk about something new. Let’s talk about this album that dropped last week:

I mentioned the single that dropped a little earlier upthread, but today I sat down and put on the whole album and lord have mercy on this poor sinner is this an absolute treat. Back to the sort of storytelling I love from DOOM (reminiscent, in places, of Mm… Food and Madvillain). I have some friends that have been making jokes about the release of the long-awaited DOOMSTARKS collaboration with Ghostface dropping just before the world ends, but the crispness of DOOM’s work on this is decidedly a product of his obsessiveness when it comes to production and his own rhymes, so maybe it’s fine if it continues to be delayed until we’re all dead? Every release from MF DOOM is like a gift, and while I liked his last album (NehruvianDoom) he was barely there - the beats were undoubtedly his, but we got a few verses and little else. This is a much DOOM-heavier album, and it’s better for it. It’s better than I could have dreamed.

Now I just need DOOM to put out the long-awaited third KMD album and we’ll really be somewhere.



new Satanicpornocultshop!