2018 Music Releases


The artist / band name brings fond memories of the band / artist Porn Swords Tobacco (so named, I believe, after a sign in the window of a shop)


new wonder years album!!!


nobody posted peggy gou in here??? honestly one of my top eps of the year so far


The new Saba album Care For Me is very introspective and self reflecting.


The Caretaker (Leyland James Kirby) recently put out the most recent stage in his incredibly ambitious album Everywhere At The End Of Time. It’s quite an intense listen; I’m impressed at how he’s managed to translate the project’s concept musically / sonically.

Definitely one for fans of intensely haunting soundscapes (the project’s nexus was the “haunted ballroom” sound of The Shining, and its developed from there into a kind of sonic meditation on the subject of disordered memory).


Concrete as fornication.


If you would have told me that one of the hottest hip hop tracks so far in 2018 would contain a reference to Chowder, Avatar the Last Airbender, and Sly Cooper I may not have believed you

Denzel Curry drops banger after banger and had probably my favorite rap album of 2016 with Imperial. He channels this really authentic anger and energy in everything he does and I’m super into it


new Arca… single? EP? i’m gonna say R-15 on the video, like it’s sfw technically but if someone saw you watching it at work they would probably not be pleased

really into this! its a very brief 10 minutes of new material but i love what he’s doing with this heavy and aggressive sound while making it more dance-able. this mix could play in any club and no one would object but it still has that inimitable Arca sound


More Janelle Monae for us, we do not deserve her.


this made my day. i had no idea there was a new dessa album! also she’s playing in my town soon! fantastic. thanks!


And thank you for making me think to check if she’d be coming to mine, gonna see her in June now. :slight_smile:


Here’s the Coachella livestreams


I am feeling the new Many Rooms.


A posthumous EP by Marcus Intalex comes out soon. absolute legend of the scene who’s still missed.

Also on a less depressing note hybris’ recent ep was weird as fuck but really sick


They may look goth, but they’re just an indie band.


The new J Cole album would be a lot better if he didn’t let a sentient mayonaise sandwich handle the production.


Sleep just released The Sciences and holy shit does it rip.


This is the best news I’ve seen all month.


Super into the new Flatbush Zombies release atm. You can really feel how they’re growing as a group, complimenting each other really well. Erick still makes killer beats, no surprise there


Another new Janelle Monae video today, probably the last one before the album comes out on friday.

I think Django Jane is still my favourite of these recent releases so far but goddamn they’re all fantastic.

Love this song, their other ones a bit less so though.