2018 Music Releases


Monster Magnet, essentially the ür Stoner Rock band as far as 1997 me is concerned, put out a new album. Apart from a highly questionable lyrical decision (and look, if you heard it and noped the fuck out I would not blame you) on Mastermind, I thought their last album (Last Patrol) was a great return to the spaced-out sound that I loved from their early shit like Dopes to Infinity, Superjudge and Spine of God (Powertrip is probably my favorite album of theirs but its much less spaced-out). I’ve more or less enjoyed every album they’ve put out, which is why it’s suck a fucking bummer that Mindfucker (GOD what a fucking dumb title) is so… mediocre.

Every song on this album sounds like a song from an earlier album, only worse. This is most heinous in the final track (which is the only track that stood out to me) which sounds like they slowed down the riff for Monolithic Baby and sang over it. There aren’t even particularly lousy tracks (like for example, Doomsday on God Says No is a fucking turd of a song, but there are enough good songs to balance it out). It’s just this kind of boring sameness.

Anyway, this is usually a thread for good music releases and not bad ones, but man this album was a drag and I had to vent about it on the Internet, as one does.

EDIT: Whoops, apparently the Bad Lyrical Decision was on Mastermind and not on Last Patrol like I thought. You know what, just skip Mastermind.


To make up for my hating on a new album, here’s something that is actually not rubbish:

Peach Kelli Pop put out a little EP! And it is full of the sort of good surf rock business you would want from these fine folk, but also some tracks with a little bit of a harder edge, like so:

As someone with a soft spot for surf rock, Peach Kelli Pop is a fine band. Also they did a straight-up cover of the Sailor Moon theme song which is kind of great?


+1 for this EP. “Drug Store’s Symbol of Happiness” has been my jam for the past few days.


New Oneohtrix Point Never. Massively looking forward to this album.


Oh man this is extremely good.


Was informed to my great surprise that not only is Eels still a going concern, but they have a new album out. Title track feels like old Eels, which is great.


I don’t have much to add to the conversation other than Dirty Computer rules

Edit: but really, it feels a bit poppier than at least the electric lady, but I like the direction. The arrangements and production choices are so damn fun.

I’m can see this being my go-to for Friday commutes for a long time now!


I’ve been trying to catch up on music from this lately and so far my favorite release is probably Spa 700 by 700 Bliss. It’s basically Moor Mother rapping over ragged noise/club beats, with a noticeably rough edge to it. I knew almost nothing about it before hearing it, but it’s angry and you can dance to it, which is what I like. My favorite track:

I really like Nothing 2 Loose by DJ Healer, too, even though it’s extremely long and I have a hard time making it to the end of it. It’s this stunningly beautiful, slightly cheesy house record with lots of breathy vocal samples and a sort of '90s new age/pseudo-religious vibe to it. It that sounds questionable, it kind of is, but it’s so accomplished it’s hard not to get caught up in it.

I’m also really looking forward to the new Grouper album, since she’s one of my favorite artists currently working.


Anxiously waiting for the new Grouper to arrive in the post.

This interview is great btw


Haven’t seen this one posted yet, and it’s still probably my favorite release of the year so far: Hailu Mergia - Lala Belu. Ethiopian jazz legend, had some incredible reissues come out in the last decade on Awesome Tapes From Africa, but this is his first new music in twenty-something years. Excellent driving or lounging music on a sunny day.

And, heck, while I’m at it, if you like African music also check out this 2018 reissue from Vintage Voudou: Basa Basa - Homowo. Seriously danceable disco high life from Ghana. If “African Soul Power” doesn’t get your booty moving then lord have mercy.


I wonder if anyone here has listened to iri because my sister stumbled upon her last night and I just finished listening to Juice and it’s really good??


I’ve apparently been sleeping on Big Freedia (and Bounce in general) all this time, and what a mistake that has been.


Big Freedia is very much my shit. Saw her perform at a punk festival in Virginia like 8 or so years ago and she had the whole place bouncing. It was such a fun set. I recommend catching her live if you can.


idk if anyone has mentioned this, so apologies if I’m just repeating someone else’s recommendation, but Lucy Dacus released her second album, Historian, earlier this year and it’s pretty great imo. I haven’t been able to stop listening to “Night Shift”.

Also the album art is super cool, reminds me of Limbo.


That new Gambino video thooooo

Also the new Speedy Ortiz album is dope as hell too


Hahaha I just came here to post the new Gambino video. That shit is a thing.


Just read this interview from end of last year and it seems to imply we could get new My Bloody Valentine this year?

I loved mbv so I’m excited for whatever else they got cooking.


Already mentioned this in another thread, but Body Void’s I Live Inside A Burning House is absolutely killer.


I really like DJ Koze.

I think both his last album and his new album are very good albums.


Two EPs planned apparently. One this year, one next