2019 Comics/Manga/Graphic Novel Thread (Image Intensive)

2019 is here and it’s about time we started a new Comics thread, following @GoldenJoel’s suggestion in the 2018 thread!

Same as the 2018 thread, what are people reading in the new year? What comics, authors, and artists have you been keeping up with? What new and amazing things are you excited about in the coming year? Basically any discussion about the comics and manga and other forms of sequential art we’re hot on in the year 2019 is welcome here!

I’ll start with something that came out last year, but I received as a birthday gift just just last week: Mami by Diigii Daguna:

The comic follows Haiyan Neito, a detective caught in a cat-and-mouse game with a master thief named Goyong. It’s a little reductive, but think of the Zenigata/Lupin III dynamic but from the cops perspective and also more openly flirtatious and queer. Its a fun little story and the art is very expressive and compliments the lightness and humor of the plot well.


I’ve been on a horror kick lately, so I’ve been reading Spread and Harrow County!


Spread is a post-apocalyptic story about a man named ‘No’ trying to save a baby that is the last hope for humanity. It’s… Eh, it’s ok. Honestly, I don’t care for the writing AT ALL. It’s very simplistic in a way that doesn’t appeal to me, and all the characters are super-human kung fu masters, instead of survivors. The big appeal of this comic is the art, which is gorgeous:

I looove The Thing, so this style of monster is very much clicking for me. By the artist’s own admission, he loves to draw gross stuff, and it shows. Too bad I’m not invested in the plot at all, so it all just kind of falls flat.

Harrow County so far is absolutely amazing. I haven’t gotten too into it, but I love the art, the sinister writing, everything. It’s dripping with style, with expressive water colors which contrast against very simple, yet empathic character designs. The hard lines make each character pop, and they are just surrounded in these gorgeous splashes of dark, yellowy swashes that I adore.

Plot wise, I’m not too deep into it, but I’m intrigued so far. The plot revolves around a early 20th century town which basically kills a witch, for what seems like good reason, and then is cursed by said witch through our protagonist. Really well done. I’m excited to dive deeper.

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Oh maybe this is a good place to ask. In 2017 I was reading The Wicked and the Divine which made my queer music-obsessed heart all aflutter, but I completely fell off of it just because comics is sort of a Rough medium and I lost track. Did WikDiv stay amazing? Is it worth catching up? I read up to the issue about Fucking Tara and what happened to her (which was incredible tbh).

I’m biased but I feel like everything these guys do is pure gold so it’s well worth catching up on. I believe WicDiv is in its final year, so If you want you can wait until it’s all done and then catch up on it.

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Speaking as someone who loved the first few volumes of Wicdiv and then hated Imperial Phase, I’m happy with where the story seems to be going now. I don’t think it stayed amazing, but I think those parts were worth reading through to get to Mothering Invention and I hope they end strong.

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First book of 2019 I read was Osamu Tezuka’s Dororo… a series from the 1960s.

It was pretty cute and entertaining. Something of an abrupt ending given the length of the story.

As to 2019 releases, I am looking forward to the continuation of Aposimz by Tsutomu Nihei.

So I just finished Harrow County Vol. 1 and I absolutely loved it. My local shop didn’t have Vol. 2, so I purchased it online.

I love a comic that makes me sympathize with the monsters and the ‘devils’ more than the humans fighting them. It such a beautiful work. Please give it a shot.

Oh, WicDiv is still outstanding, it’s maybe my current favourite ongoing. Dang, and you only got to vol 3?? Definitely worth catching up on, you’ve got a hell of a ride ahead of you!

On the subject of books by Kieron Gillen, I picked up Die #2 today and Wow, that comic is promising! Anyone else check that one out?

Hey is anyone reading To Your Eternity? I got caught up on it this evening and would love to talk to some folks about the series. In short: it is so good.

Tried Harrow County and I agree with all your reasons for liking it, the use of watercolors especially makes it stand out. Saw that there are like 7 volumes, plan to read them!

(example of the great use of watercolors combined with well defined lines, it’s really something)

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Catching up with Harrow County, up to volume 3. Carla Speed McNeil is a guest artist for issue #9! (If you haven’t read her Finder comics, do so immediately)

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I’m on book 3! I read at a much slower pace, lol

Can I talk about non-2019 comics? Just got Comixology Unlimited and I need a non-Twitter location to talk about Superman.

I think the intent is to talk about whatever comics you are reading in 2019, regardless of publishing date.

The last Superman comic I read was the excellent All Star Superman by Grant Morrison, which is like the first thing I think of when people talk about Post-Deconstructionist comics.

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I’ve been reading vol 1 and 2 of The Black Monday Murders by Hickman/Coker, mystery story about a secret cabal tied to the global economy. The presentation is like reading a dossier mixed with the present tense of the story. Very muted colors, kind of a scratchy photographic quality to the art.


I’m still in the middle of my readthrough of the X-Men line. I’m currently in late-'95 and wondering when exactly the drop off in quality is supposed to start. Maybe it’s just a case of me having lowered expectations reading this stuff so long after the fact for the first time, but I’m still enjoying all the books for the most part.

Common consensus in the X-fandom is that the 90’s are the worst decade for the line, but I haven’t found that to be the case yet. Some people say that it all went to shit after Claremont left, and that time right after he’s gone was the weakest part of the readthrough for me so far, but once the Image guys leave I greatly enjoyed the Lobdell/Nicieza era.

Of course I’ve also seen a lot of talk that it’s really the late-90’s when things start to get bad, and I’m just beginning to see the beginnings of that time period. Wolverine is starting to go feral and I’m already in the build up to Onslaught, so perhaps I’m just around the corner from when the quality starts to go crashing down. Even if that happens, I’m going to stick with it because I know better times (like the Morrison run) are ahead, and even the bad 90’s comics have a certain charm for me.

Dororo looks great, that cover is wild. I think I’ll give it a read as soon as I finish Chris Ware’s Jimmy Corrigan Smartest Kid On Earth. Ware has a special ability to invoke that midwest melancholy.

(I am bumping this thread because I do not know if what I am going to write warrants its own thread and I do not know of any other relevant threads for the following.)

Hey, so, I am being gifted an iPad and am curious what apps/services/etc. folks use to read comics/manga digitally (if they use such things). Is Comixology the dominant force? I have read in the past few months about subscription services for manga (Viz and Shonen Jump both have apps… I think?) are there services that folks recommend? Basically any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


I think people prefer Comixology, but in fairness it depends on what you’re looking for. I think Marvel and DC have their own apps too, maybe…

Okay so I am not entirely sure what I am looking for beyond maybe the best value (and if possible not supporting Amazon). I have been super burnt out on most all DC/Marvel stuff for a few years now and was thinking digital may be a good way for me to explore newer stuff from some the smaller major publishers like Image, etc. On top of that I am generally interested in manga and was thinking digital may be a good way to read some of the more “iconic” series or those that simply are long running as I have never wanted to, say, own/check out from the library all the books of Naruto.