2019 Comics/Manga/Graphic Novel Thread (Image Intensive)

When I Arrived at the Castle, Emily Carroll. Love her work. These were my fav two pages that are sfw.
Very short fairy tale/gothic romance/horror, in which a cat woman and a vampire have an encounter.


oooo I like that art

bunch of holds came in. Someone asked me what I was doing for 4th of july and I was thinking to myself, I’m going to be reading this pile of great books that’s been building up.
(in pic: The Wild Storm, Ellis and Davis-Hunt, Exhalation, Ted Chiang)

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Okay I say this without any hyperbole, Gou Tanabe is the only person to successfully adapt Lovecraft’s work as a comic. Richard Corben does a very fun and very unsettling variation on Lovecraft that is pure Richard Corben, but Tanabe manages to create work that is evocative of the unease and dread that permeates Lovecraft’s best stories. I am heartily recommend this book and Tanabe’s other collection to anyone who is a fan of Lovecraft, Junji Ito, or just wants a good antarctic tale of terror in the middle of July.

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Looks good! The library system only has his adaptation of The Hound and other Stories so I ordered that.

Recieved a copy of the hardcover Monstress collection as a gift, its very nice. Includes a brief afterword by the author, glossary, concept art by Takeda, some variant covers. All which i dont think were in the paperbacks, but not 100% on that.


I picked up the eleventh, and latest, volume of Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt. The series has been a little listless in its second act and I was prepared for this volume to be the death knell of my interest but, instead, looks like this act is racing towards a climax and there is now a very cool, very Gundam, anti-war / anti-corporation plot that aims to be more bombastic than a colony drop. So, I’ll check out the next volume when it releases later this month.

I am also reading Inio Asano’s Dead Dead Demon’s De De De De Destruction and that continues to be engaging and beautiful and foreshadowing heartbreak and devastation as only Asano can deliver. I am really looking forward to feeling SAD when the next volume releases in October.

Tomie by Junji Ito. Blurs the line between physicality and the more ethereal aspects of a ghost story, even more than the other work of his I’ve read. What I mean is that the ghost, or curse, whatever Tomie is, has a very physical presense, she is this thing that will not stop replicating at a cellular level.

Page from the book where some guys put ground up Tomie in sake vats. Mayhem ensues.
Anyway, liked this a lot. Internal debate about if there is intended deeper commentary in these stories or if it is more of a set up for startling/wierd/silly situations. Leaning toward the latter.

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Continuing on my Osamu Tezuka kick this year, I’ve started to read his Buddha series and liking it. Large cast of characters, unexpectedly a lot of action and drama. Central plot is an adaptation of the life of the man who would come to be known as Buddha, but a lot of it is also dedicated to the injustice of the caste system.

Also found some gems in the out of circulation pile , .50 c each!

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I read the second volume of Black Hammer this evening and hot diggity is it something good and special. A really wonderful love letter to the bronze/silver age of comics and pulp tales and an incredibly fun slow burn weird, uncanny tale. Am debating buying the last two volumes instead of waiting for my local library to get them.

I’m not very good at comics.

I was reading all the new Star Wars ones but got bored of them. Because I will devour anything Aliens related I read the comic adaptation of William Gibson’s original Alien 3 script. It was weird, more centric on Hicks and Bishop and setting up Space Soviets to the Colonial Marines. New variant on the alien gestation would have been interesting. Bizarrely, it’s mostly devoid of Ripley.

I usually read all of Kieron Gillen’s stuff. Love the The Wicked & The Devine. Then my comics guy at the counter recommended Die, which I’ve really enjoying.

What bored you about the star wars books? I havent read any of the marvel stuff yet.

I think the Darth Vader comic was pretty good.

But the core Star Wars comic with the original gang just never really engaged me. It was very breezy and colourful, probably the way a Star Wars comic should be. In all honesty.

But I’m always demanding more from my Star Wars and my comic books I think. Vader kind of had that. But it’s been a while since I’ve read anything, so I’m not 100% clued up anymore.

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Bought volume three of Black Hammer, read it this evening, and, given that the final issue publishes in two weeks, am debating buying the final individual issues. Damn this is a good series, I cannot recommend it enough.

Going through Jack Kirby’s fourth world at the moment and it maybe my pick for best totalitarian allegory Cosmologically in superhero comics

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A group of cartoonists have published an open letter to comics festivals against Amazon/ComiXology. The letter can be read here. Personally, I think this a very impressive letter as, if I am not mistaken, these festivals are very important to most artists as a vital means of income, networking, exposure, etc. I know this thread is primarily devoted to what we are reading but I thought folks would appreciate this.


Finally got a copy of Emily Carroll’s When I arrived at the Castle at Small Press Expo this weekend and cannot recommend it enough. The most beautiful, creative, and unnerving horror comic I have possibly ever read. An experience similar to reading Angela Carter for the first time. I cannot wait to return to this book over and over and over again. I really cannot recommend it enough to y’all.

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Volume 3 of Head Lopper came out this week and it continues to be an incredibly fun, wildly colored sword and sorcery tale but now has a pretty interesting deeper plot/lore at work than just lopping heads. Highly recommend the series to anyone who wants a fun fantasy fix.

The Way of the House Husband came out last week and this is a hilarious story about an ex-yakuza guy very earnestly living his true life as a house husband. The character relationships are wonderful and hilarious, and the cross between mundane acts and old mannerisms are great.

Also started Delicious in Dungeon (Dungeon Meshi) and I love these good adventurers eating their way through a dungeon.


Delicious in Dungeon is so good! I have been anxiously awaiting the next volume. I really hope you enjoy it.

I have been on the fence about The Way of the House Husband in that I am concerned that the premise and type of jokes I have seen on Twitter are going to eventually run out. Would you say the first volume sets up a somewhat interesting/charming story?

Yeah that’s my concern. Feels like a lot of comedy manga/anime. Where they have one really funny joke but like that’s it? I’ve seen it the worst In like one punch man

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