2019 Media Community Catalog!

Hey! So 2018 is almost over, and it was filled with plenty of amazing games (and other media). But the inexorable march of time is upon us! A new calendar year is here, and so are many many new experience in the realm of gaming and other media! And if there is one thing that i think Waypoint inspires above all else in this sense, its that desire to try new things, to find the new and the untested. So i wanted to start something like a community catalog almost. Where people can share things that are going to release in 2019, and hopefully find other things that they might be excited or intrigued by. From the biggest blockbuster games and movies to that guy who is dropping his garage band album on soundcloud, just share a little bit of what it is and why you are interested, and hopefully we can all find something that we think is neat from someone else.

I’ll go first, so Code Vein:

Well this game has like a 75% percent chance to be a dumpster fire. But I find myself very very intrigued by it. I actually think the gamplay looks pretty sweet, i’m such a sucker for dark souls style combat that even Edgy Anime Souls is something i want. Its seems like it has a nice gamplay loop, and even though i’m 95% confident the story is gonna be a trash fire, but it looks like a neat trash fire. So ye.

That is something in 2019 that I’m intrigued by! How about you guys?

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I’ve been waiting for this one for awhile, and its set to come out in next month, YIIK: A post modern rpg
Its been on my radar for a long time, but quite a lot of things happened between then and now for the devs.
I’m glad its finally getting an official release and am eager to see it in motion.
It was more captivating a few years ago, but, it still interests me years later.


For the first part of 2019 I think the thing that I’m looking forward to is the final Shovel Knight expansion:


I have absolutely zero idea how Anthem will turn out and I’m still not totally sure what to expect, but I’m gonna be there on day one.

I maintain that the original Gears of War trilogy is one of great unsung narratives of the seventh generation and 4 was better than it had any right to be, even if it was only really interesting for the first two acts. There’s a chance that Gears 5 will disappear right up its own ass with lore bullshit, but that announcement trailer did make it seem like they were jettisoning some of the more stale aspects of the previous game’s story, specifically JD(?) as a protagonist, so I’m on board. The multiplayer will probably be fine too, but I wouldn’t really know as I almost never play it.


Code Vein was already mentioned but I’m actually really looking forward to it. It’s made by the God Eater people and I really enjoyed God Eater 2 Rage Burst so I’m feeling pretty alright about it. I think GE2RB had the edgy anime aesthetic but still managed to tell a pretty solid story despite being edgy anime and also a hunting game.

Speaking of the God Eater folx, God Eater 3 is supposed to be out in February and I’m quite excited for it.

Left Alive is currently supposed to be a 2019 game and it absolutely seems to be Square Enix trying to make a Metal Gear game and hey I’m interested in seeing how that turns out. If it ends up being good then it could be the second good Metal Gear game (with the first being Revengence, obviously)

EXODEMON is a game I’ve been following for a couple of years now and am pretty excited for. I played a demo of it about two years ago now and it was extremely fun with a very cool style to it and it’s supposed to be out early next year. There’s no trailer for it (yet?) so here’s a link to the Steam page with a bunch of cool screenshots.

And finally I want to shout out Behind Stars and Under Hills. It’s some kind of animal people detective/mystery game that seems to have some immersive sim-y elements to it? I’m a big fan of Rat King and all the games they’ve made so I’m very excited for it.

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After checking the Amazon UK site, I learned the blu ray of Possum will be releasing in March and I cannot wait. I hate that I didn’t get the chance to see it this year.

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Well, to add an addendum to my last post, I’m going to include this https://p5r.jp/ Persona 5 R, because the chances of it being on the switch are less than none. Even if I hate atlus and its practices and its treatment of lgbt+ issues, which are abysmal at best. I’m still interested to see if this is pans out considering its a ‘playstation exclusive’ series, or so most people seem to think.