2019 Music Releases!

it’s a new year! and that means a new thread for music releases!!! (with exclamation points, so you can tell it’s new, hip, and cool)

iLoveMakonnen dropped a pretty decent single! i think i love this more for the style of the lyrics video than the song itself but i can’t deny a solid hook and a very solid verse from Gucci


Today is the day I’ve been waiting for a while - the release of Thank You God, the first album of F430, a French rap duo that came out the Zoo, a nickname for a Parisian suburb which is the birth place of PNL, MMZ and S-Pion (PNL is really good).

Listened to the album through once today, a bit long but super atmospheric cloud rap, perfect.


Technically this video came out in December 2018 but I just saw it today, so I’m gonna count it.

Also, um, I think this band I found out about one hour ago is now my favourite band of all time? I think all other music sucks now? And all other music videos are bad? Yes, I’m gonna settle on that.

(This music video is about how Russian society treats Central Asian immigrants and how the former is actually a product of the cultural exchanges between both, which, honestly, is an observation that took me 5 years to come up with as I was writing my dissertation, but took them 5 minutes to show. Holy shit y’all this is good.)

Some sweet post-punk to kick start the year:


This is Very Good. A bit Springsteen-y, a bit synthpoppy, but also subtly glitchy and distorted and cool, like a Future Islands song played over a numbers station or something.

This week’s quite exciting, new albums from her, James Blake, some other people I’m forgetting.


David Bazen / Pedro the Lion has a new album dropping this week and it’s shaping up to be a good one.

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Le Butcherettes have a new album coming out at the start of February and have been releasing a few singles off it here and there.

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japanese noisecore artist i quite enjoy put a new EP out! definitely worth checking out if you like anything in the harsh noise/hardcore family of electronic work

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James Blake’s new album came out last night, and it’s really good! He’s really grown as a producer, and for the first time on one of his records, the features aren’t jarring and out of place. He’s able to take each individual artists style, and integrate it with the album’s overall vibe. Standouts are “Barefoot in the Park”, with Rosalia and “Where’s the Catch?” with 3 Stacks:

EDIT: The youtube videos I linked were taken down. I’ll update again when I can find some official ones!

EDIT 2: Found them!


I really like the Tallies debut album which came out… last week? Some point earlier this month, anyway. It’s very dreampop/indiepop (in the C86 sense) without being lifeless or whiny.


There is a really great band in Mongolia and they just released their latest single and video, it’s super light singer-songwriter stuff, if you like this check out his album, it has some great songs!


Ahh this past friday saw so many albums I’ve been looking forward to.

New Toro y Moi

New Steve Gunn (for fans of Kurt Vile)

and a whole new Deerhunter album!

And also the already posted James Blake and Sharon Van Etten album. + new Buke & Gase and Twilight Sad which I have not yet gotten around to listening to.
this first single from hand habits upcoming album is really good:

new WORLD ORDER! mr. genki sudo is back in action!!

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Ayyy! I was going to post this. Seeing them in a couple weeks and Im very excited!

There’s a new short little Snail’s House album out now that’s very poppy and happy and good!

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The surprise Conor Oberst/Phoebe Bridgers collab album that dropped yesterday, Better Oblivion Community Center, is quite good! It’s always nice to hear from Oberst, even beyond the early-2000s-nostalgia that his voice brings he’s still just super good, and Bridgers seems hell bent on being in every cool indie supergroup at the moment which I love.


I have had it on repeat the last few days, think it really brings out both of their strengths. Really love Big Black Heart, great big emo song!

Very much enjoying the new Twilight Sad album too, they continue to just be awesome.

Another surprise was a new William Tyler album, he makes wonderful instrumental guitar music.


To everyone avoiding the new Future album due to Future Fatigue, I would recommend checking it out. It may be my favourite project of his. To everyone who doesn’t like Future, I doubt it’s going to change your mind about him.

Ooh, nice! I was just listening to Whole New Dude today!

Can I post records that are coming out later in the year? Is that allowed? Because the released track from this album coming out next month is groovy as hell:

King Gizzard is back babey!!!


Pup has a new album coming out in April. They just released a video for their new single. I would argue that they are the best punk band around today and it isn’t even close.